February 18, 2019
February 18, 2019
Defectors to educate South Korean soldiers on North Korean military, life
February 15 BY Dagyum Ji

Defectors to educate South Korean soldiers on North Korean military, life

The South Korean Ministry of National Defense (MND) plans to arrange for North K...

Kwon Jong Gun named as new head of DPRK MFA's North American department
February 14 BY Oliver Hotham

Kwon Jong Gun named as new head of DPRK MFA’s North American department

Update on 02/16/2019 at 1430 KST: This piece has been updated to include further...

U.S. hoping to get as
February 14 BY Leo Byrne

U.S. hoping to get as “far down the road” as possible with N. Korea: Pompeo

Washington is hoping to get as "far down the road" as possible with North Korea ...

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  17 February
By Andrei Lankov

Why, despite improving inter-Korean ties, unification remains as tricky as ever

  Analysis 17 February
By Nazanin Zadeh-Cummings

Givers, receivers, and beneficiaries: who benefits from aid to North Korea?

  15 February
By Alek Sigley

Guitar Hero and Google Maps, DPRK style: a closer look at some North Korean apps

  Analysis 14 February
By Leo Byrne

ROK sent $1 million of sanctioned goods to DPRK from September-December: data

  Analysis 14 February
By Ankit Panda

A DPRK-U.S. end of war declaration: what impact on the denuclearization process?

  Analysis 13 February
By Oliver Hotham

Kim Jong Un's January activities: starting the year with a speech and a summit

  Analysis 12 February
By Anthony V. Rinna

Why Russian lawmakers are working to build ties with North Korea

  11 February
By NK News

How to engage North Korea on human rights  – NK News Podcast ep.57

  Analysis 11 February
By Kelsey Hamilton

The View from Jingshan: high hopes for North Korea's economic future

  Analysis 11 February
By Peter Ward

The North Korean financial system under Kim Jong Un: change and diversification

  Analysis 04 February
By Mintaro Oba

Biegun at Stanford: baby steps forward on U.S. North Korea policy

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