October 15, 2019

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How China uses tourism to alleviate sanctions pressure on North Korea

The flow of PRC visitors to the DPRK can be turned on and off like a tap, helping Beijing stay in control

Park Jong-cholOct 15, 2019

Why U.S.-South Korea F-35 sales are exacerbating the threat from Pyongyang

Breaking the impasse will require more than just talk — dropping provocative arms deals is a good place to start

Pratik ChouguleOct 14, 2019

The last voyage of the Pong Su - an NKNews Podcast special episode

The Age's Richard Baker discusses the DPRK's role in one of the biggest drug smuggling cases in Australian history

Storm clouds over Stockholm: DPRK-U.S. talks fall apart – NKNews Podcast Ep.99

The NK News team discusses how and why working-level negotiations failed — and what happens next

Identity and multiculturalism in North and South Korea - NKNews Podcast Ep.98

Darcie Draudt discusses the changing face of South Korea -- and its implications for the North

Making sense of North Korea's messy statistics – NKNews Podcast Ep.97

The AEI's Nicholas Eberstadt discusses getting to grips with the DPRK's unreliable official numbers

Understanding North Korea's surveillance state – NKNews Podcast Ep.96

UPenn PhD candidate Benjamin Silberstein discusses law, order, and control in the DPRK

The legacy of the 1989 World Festival - NKNews Podcast Ep.95

Historian August Myrseth discusses the landmark festival's long-term impact

Get Behind The Headlines

What Trump's withdrawal of troops from northern Syria could mean for Korea

The transactional President has once again sent a chilling message to U.S. allies

Dennis P. HalpinOct 13, 2019

On party founding anniversary, North Korea bolsters Kim Jong Un's leadership

The Rodong Sinmun's unusual emphasis of Kim tracks with post-Hanoi developments


Fueling the country: tracking North Korea's growing number of gas stations

Reflecting increasing demand, new stations are popping up across the DPRK

Jacob BogleOct 11, 2019

North Korean ship sails with Kiribati flag, loiters near Shanghai

The case is the latest in a series of unusual DPRK vessel broadcasts and voyages

Leo ByrneOct 10, 2019

North Korea reinforces ideological education against “bourgeois” values

The renewed “class education” campaign builds on weapons tests and uptick in anti-U.S. rhetoric


North Korea imports sanctioned items valued at over $300,000 from Russia in July

The shipments included electrical and industrial items covered by designated trade codes

Leo ByrneOct 10, 2019

What to expect from North Korea's brinksmanship diplomacy going forward

The disastrous Hanoi summit likely pushed the DPRK into taking a more hardline position

Wang Son-taekOct 09, 2019

In the wake of failed talks with North Korea, it's time to change tack

Moving away from pie in the sky hopes of CVID may be the only way to secure an effective deal

Dan DePetrisOct 09, 2019
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