January 26, 2020
Keeping the peace at the DMZ - NKNews Podcast Ep.111

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The View from Jingshan: In Chinese media, DPRK-U.S. relations get the spotlight

Prospects for Washington-Pyongyang talks followed, while initial silence on the replacement of DPRK foreign minister

John PetrushkaJan 24, 2020

How technology impacts foreign media consumption, and crackdowns, in North Korea

For ordinary people, connecting with the outside world is an ever-evolving cat and mouse game with the authorities

Keeping the peace at the DMZ - NKNews Podcast Ep.111

Swiss Major General Patrick Gauchat discusses neutral actors on the peninsula and their importance going forward

Negotiating with a nuclear-armed North Korea - NKNews Podcast Ep.110

Duyeon Kim discusses the current state of talks and ways for policymakers to move forward in 2020

Kim Jong Un's plenum speech and a look ahead to 2020 - NKNews Podcast Ep.109

Andrei Lankov joins the Seoul team to analyze North Korea's stage-setting New Year's Day policy announcements

Japan's difficult relationship with the Korean peninsula - NKNews Podcast Ep.108

Professor Sakata Yasuyo discusses the history and current state of both Tokyo-Seoul and Tokyo-Pyongyang relations

Unfinished business in North Korea - NK News podcast special episode part 3

Part three of an exclusive NK News series

How one American snuck into North Korea - NK News podcast special episode part 2

Part two of an exclusive NK News series

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Why South Korean tourists might not want to follow Moon up Mount Kumgang

Economic and safety concerns could deter visitors, even if the President manages to strike a deal with the North

Jumin LeeJan 22, 2020

How more great power diplomacy could solve the North Korean nuclear problem

A U.S.-China pact to protect their respective client states would put both North and South Korea under nuclear umbrellas

Robert E. McCoyJan 21, 2020

Pro-North Korea website details how the country achieved "bumper crop" in 2019

Article in Tokyo-based Choson Sinbo seeks to bolster claims by Kim Jong Un at December party plenum

With a "crude" new foreign minister, North Korea strengthens its hard-line turn

Ri Son Gwon, with his reputation for bluster, may be the ideal DPRK diplomat if tensions rise in the coming year

Oliver HothamJan 21, 2020

North Korea reshuffles its foreign policy top brass: potential implications

Appointment of a new foreign minister is not surprising, but Ri Son Gwon, if his appointment is confirmed, is


North Korean leader's Toyota luxury bus, multiple Lexus SUVs appear in 2019 film

Customized VIP bus was used in August missile tests, while SUVs dominated domestic travel

Colin ZwirkoJan 20, 2020

Ask a North Korean: what was life like on the construction sites at Samjiyon?

"It keeps me up at night when I think about those hungry children struggling in the cold"

Tae-il ShimJan 20, 2020

Kim Jong Un's claims of a "bumper harvest" in North Korea: what the data shows

Market data indicates food prices remain low and stable, could support DPRK leadership's claims

Peter WardJan 17, 2020
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