December 13, 2019

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The 2020 National Defense Authorization Act: what it means for North Korea

From new sanctions to restrictions on U.S. troop withdrawals, new legislation stands to have significant impact

Daniel WertzDec 13, 2019

After massive data leak, North Korean refugees fear for family back home

"A lot of us couldn’t live our daily lives after hearing about the news"

Chaewon ChungDec 12, 2019

DPRK history and plagiarism in Korean Studies - NKNews Podcast Ep.106

Professor Balázs Szalontai discusses his scholarly work on North Korea and the controversy surrounding Charles Armstrong

Fire, fury, and summitry: reporting on North Korea - NKNews Podcast Ep.105

Before she leaves the NK News team, senior correspondent Dagyum Ji sits down to discuss her thoughts on all things DPRK

Going back and forth to Pyongyang as a secret negotiator - NKNews Podcast Ep.104

Park Chul-un discusses his multiple clandestine trips across the DMZ during a turbulent period in inter-Korean relations

Bringing Slovenian avant-garde rock to the DPRK - NKNews Podcast Ep.103

Morten Traavik and Mary Sun Kim discuss Laibach's 2015 concert in Pyongyang and navigating North Korean censorship

The UN COI report on North Korea, five years later - NKNews Podcast Ep.102

Michael Kirby discusses what has and hasn't changed in DPRK human rights since the landmark document in 2014

What Presidents Moon and Trump get wrong about the DPRK - NKNews Podcast Ep.101

Former diplomat David Straub discusses why current ROK-U.S. policy towards North Korea is failing — and how to change it

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How Trump could dump South Korea in a pre-election visit to Pyongyang

The President could build reelection momentum by going to North Korea just as Nixon did in 1972 with his trip to China

Dennis P. HalpinDec 11, 2019

The need for speed: time as a political tool in North Korea

The U.S. should take note that Kim Jong Un can literally change the time on a subjective — or political — whim

Benjamin R. YoungDec 11, 2019

The view from Jingshan: China reacts to North Korea's renewed testing

Test launches embarrass trade war enemy Trump, but DPRK volatility also concerns the residents of Chinese border regions

John PetrushkaDec 11, 2019

The left is right: why South Korea should continue its policy of engagement

Progressives may be naïve about North Korea, but conservative policies will likely only lead to increasing tensions

Andrei LankovDec 10, 2019

Context and translation: party daily recollects Kim Jong Un's 2019 achievements

Front-page article lauds the leader for strengthening national defense, building the economy


What to make of North Korea's "very important" test at Sohae

Saturday's test represents an emphatic step by the DPRK to push back on one of the achievements of the Singapore summit

Ankit PandaDec 09, 2019

U.S.-North Korea diplomacy is over for now. What comes next?

After fruitless negotiations, Kim Jong Un is turning back to his weapons scientists in search of additional leverage

Joshua H. PollackDec 09, 2019

Rules are rules: North Korean "democracy," in theory and in practice

While the laws could allow for the leader to be removed from office, such a scenario would likely require a major crisis

Fyodor TertitskiyDec 06, 2019
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