January 21, 2021
Why North Korea is as dangerous as ever to South Korea - NKNews Podcast Ep. 166

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'The big hunt': When North Korean agents almost killed South Korea's president

North Korea came dangerously close to assassinating President Park Chung-hee in the Blue House in Seoul on Jan. 21, 1968

Andrei LankovJan 21, 2021

With Trump gone, Kim Jong Un will realize that he bet on the wrong horse

The North Korean leader spent a lot of time wooing a U.S. president that’s about to be replaced by hardliner Joe Biden

Dennis P. HalpinJan 20, 2021

Why North Korea is as dangerous as ever to South Korea - NKNews Podcast Ep. 166

South Korean National Assembly member and former DPRK diplomat Thae Yong-ho discusses inter-Korean relations and WMDs

The Eighth Party Congress and the future of North Korea - NKNews Podcast Ep. 165

NK Pro contributing analysts and NK News staff discuss the DPRK economy, WMDs, foreign relations and more

'Lips and teeth': The rise of DPRK-China relations - NKNews Podcast Ep. 164

NK News's Chad O'Carroll, Colin Zwirko and Min Chao Choy discuss what growing Pyongyang-Beijing ties could bring in 2021

North Korea's thriving art scene - NKNews Podcast Ep. 163

B.G. Muhn discusses what North Korean art tells us about the country and working with artists at Mansudae Art Studio

Is the dream of Korean reunification dead? - NKNews Podcast Ep. 162

Andrei Lankov and Wang Son-taek discuss whether North and South Korea can ever reconcile their differences

Turning the Korean DMZ into an ecological peace zone - NKNews Podcast Ep. 161

Bernhard Seliger discusses how the two Koreas can transform their border into an East-West German-style nature reserve

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North Korea’s latest parade shows that Kim is deadset on boosting weapons

Pyongyang rolled out two new ballistic missiles in Jan. 2021, signaling a possible return to testing

Ankit PandaJan 20, 2021

Recap: What North Korea rolled out at its Eighth Party Congress military parade

Once again, North Korea revealed its recent and tumultuous developments to armed forces

Joost OliemansJan 16, 2021

A newly-declassified document underscores Trump’s North Korea failures

The U.S. wanted to convince North Korea that it doesn’t need nukes, but Kim is far from persuaded

James FretwellJan 15, 2021

It’s not about nukes. The real news is North Korea’s dangerous economic reforms.

North Korea pursued economic reform for the last 10 years, but decisions at the Party Congress will undo that progress

Andrei LankovJan 15, 2021

Party Congress: What Biden should expect from North Korea going forward

Kim has set North Korea’s course, and the new U.S. president should keep any expectations for diplomacy flexible and low

‘Top-class idiots’: Why a demoted Kim Yo Jong still has the power to slam Seoul

One day, Kim Yo Jong is demoted. The next, she’s speaking for all of the DPRK as the state’s foreign policy mouthpiece.

Jeongmin KimJan 14, 2021

Kim Jong Un’s latest military plans go far beyond nuclear weapons

At the Eighth Party Congress, the North Korean leader also spoke of submarines, satellites and more

Ankit PandaJan 13, 2021

Time is running out: Moon Jae-in’s North Korea goals are looking more unlikely

Experts say that South Korea is paralyzed by its conflicting goals of boosting defense and wooing Pyongyang

Won-Gi JungJan 12, 2021
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