October 31, 2020
Why diplomacy is still the way to go with North Korea - NKNews Podcast Ep. 154

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North Korea made a big political change by demoting its state security minister

The demotion of Jong Kyong Thaek points to even larger internal changes within DPRK leadership

Martin WeiserOct 29, 2020

Bob Woodward’s ‘Rage’ reveals more about Trump than North Korea

The book is addictive, but misses key historical events in its retelling of what happened between the US and North Korea

Glyn FordOct 29, 2020

Why diplomacy is still the way to go with North Korea - NKNews Podcast Ep. 154

Former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry discusses his time in the Clinton administration and talks with the DPRK

How overseas labor improves ordinary North Korean lives - NKNews Podcast Ep. 153

Andrei Lankov and Peter Ward discuss the difficulties and opportunities of the North Korean workers living abroad

US intelligence and strategy on North Korea - NKNews Podcast Ep. 152

Markus Garlauskas discusses WMDs and why the U.S. and North Korea were closer to war in 2015 than in 2017

Interview with 'The Mole' director Mads Brügger — NKNews Podcast Ep.151

NK News speaks with director Mads Brügger on how 'The Mole' was made, his theories on what happened and the fallout

Missiles galore: North Korea's post-parade prognosis — NKNews Podcast Ep.150

NK News reporters Jeongmin Kim, Colin Zwirko and Min Chao Choy discuss the Oct. 10 military parade in Pyongyang

North Korea's rapidly evolving tech scene — NKNews Podcast Ep.149

Author Jieun Baek and North Korea Tech's Martyn Williams speak with NK News about the state of DPRK technology

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China put itself in the spotlight with its flurry of new Korean War propaganda

Beijing rewrote history to put itself on center stage, sending warnings to the US and friendly messages to North Korea

How North Korea rebranded its most iconic poet into a Kim-worshipping fanboy

The story of poet Cho Ki Cheon is another example of the DPRK rewriting its cultural icons into propagandic myths

What's going on with Kim Jong Un's close circle of women?

Kim Yo Jong seems estranged, Kim Jong Un's wife is still missing and Hyon Song Wol is shining in the spotlight

Wang Son-taekOct 26, 2020

What does Chinese President Xi Jinping's Korean War speech mean for the DPRK?

Experts divided about intended audience of speech, but some say solidarity towards DPRK is clear

Chad O'CarrollOct 24, 2020

How the UN Panel of Experts on the DPRK compares to other investigative panels

Absence of travel opportunities in the DPRK marks one key difference for the North Korea PoE

Chad O'CarrollOct 23, 2020

70 years ago in freezing North Korea, China crushed US hopes of a war victory

Americans would not be spending Christmas in the States as planned, but in Korea fighting the cold and the Communists

James FretwellOct 23, 2020

Kim Jong Un’s teary-eyed speech shows North Korea is in a dire situation

The North Korean leader’s speech was more than an apology — it was an admission that the worse may have yet to come

James FretwellOct 22, 2020

North Korea’s new foreign minister may switch tactics after the US elections

The first nine months of Ri Son Gwon’s rule kept up the status quo, but that could change depending on the elections

Arius M. DerrOct 22, 2020
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