February 19, 2020
"The Two Koreas" and the United States - NKNews Podcast Ep.115

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Why it's time for Washington and Seoul to reassess the U.S.-ROK alliance

Bilateral relations face various challenges, including military cost-sharing disputes and stalled talks with the North

Anthony V. RinnaFeb 19, 2020

Into the future: where North Korea might be by the year 2040

Trends suggest the DPRK will have a sophisticated and reliable nuclear deterrent by 2040. What will be the consequences?

Chad O'CarrollFeb 18, 2020

"The Two Koreas" and the United States - NKNews Podcast Ep.115

Robert Carlin discusses the third edition of one of the definitive books on Korean history

It's the security guarantees, stupid - NKNews Podcast Ep.114

Retired Lt. Gen. Robert G. Gard, Jr. discusses his experiences of the Korean War and failures in U.S.-DPRK diplomacy

Covering North Korea - NKNews Podcast Ep.113

In a crossover episode with the Korea Society, journalists discuss the perils and pitfalls of reporting on the DPRK

The rocky road to normalizing North Korea-U.S. relations - NKNews Podcast Ep.112

Dr. Ramon Pacheco Pardo discusses the history of Washington-Pyongyang diplomacy — and where it can go from here

Keeping the peace at the DMZ - NKNews Podcast Ep.111

Swiss Major General Patrick Gauchat discusses neutral actors on the peninsula and their importance going forward

Negotiating with a nuclear-armed North Korea - NKNews Podcast Ep.110

Duyeon Kim discusses the current state of talks and ways for policymakers to move forward in 2020

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Expanding Japan-linked mall, online shop in Pyongyang targets "modern tastes"

A closer look at the Rim Mi Yong Aeguk Joint Venture Company and their flagship store in North Korea's capital

Colin ZwirkoFeb 18, 2020

How the coronavirus is being dealt with on the other side of the Tumen river

While there have been no reported cases in North Korea, the virus has spread to neighboring Jilin Province in China

Adam CathcartFeb 18, 2020

What's next? Where North Korea's missile testing goes from here

Experts weigh in on progress made in 2019 — and how Pyongyang's weapons systems will likely evolve in the coming year

Jeongmin KimFeb 17, 2020

Northern Wind: Thae Yong-ho's ambitions could transform South Korean politics

Convincing the former diplomat to run for office is a win for the opposition, but also raises more fundamental questions

Jumin LeeFeb 17, 2020

Why mum? Explaining North Korea's continued silence on foreign policy

Pyongyang’s unusual lack of response to foreign affairs could portend bigger policy changes


North Korean official claims about child nutrition: what the data shows

Data suggests remarkable improvement since the late 1990s, despite stagnant levels of food supply per capita

Peter WardFeb 13, 2020

Why neither the U.S. nor North Korea want a return to diplomacy anytime soon

There is little demand domestically in either the U.S. or the DPRK for another summit between their two leaders

Wang Son-taekFeb 12, 2020

As Coronavirus fears mount, playing tough may be North Korea's least bad option

Despite the likely impact on the economy, the DPRK has little choice but to close its borders and hope for the best

Oliver HothamFeb 12, 2020
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