July 10, 2020


Information related to North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs


Wollo-ri: nuclear warhead storage area, manufacturing site, or military academy?

Analyses and sources conflict on what exactly the facilities are being used for

Ankit Panda July 10, 2020

"Becoming Kim Jong Un": a former CIA officer's limited insights into North Korea

A new book offers interesting insights, but falls flat in explaining a better way to deal with the enigmatic regime

Glyn Ford July 8, 2020

North Korean media hails 2017 ICBM launch on anniversary

Pyongyang had previously refrained from open praise for the "historic" July 4 Hwasong-14 test

Colin Zwirko July 3, 2020

North Korea in June 2020: a month in review and what’s ahead

An analysis of the main developments between June 1 and June 30

NK Pro July 2, 2020

North Korean think tank statement shows focus on U.S. 'hostile policy' prevails

Even in a post-COVID world, one thing seems certain: for Pyongyang, the U.S. ‘hostile policy’ will remain

Edward Howell June 28, 2020

North Korea “failed to adhere to its commitments” in arms control: U.S. report

Verified denuclearization of the DPRK remains the overriding U.S. objective, the U.S. State department said.

Min Chao Choy June 25, 2020

"Kim Jong Un and the Bomb": how to live with a nuclear North Korea

Ahead of the release of his new book, analyst Ankit Panda discusses diplomacy, deterrence, and the DPRK's future

Oliver Hotham June 25, 2020

North Korea's top university "intensifying" research on microsatellite tech

Research brief says Kim Il Sung University using American software STK to run satellite simulations

Colin Zwirko June 16, 2020

Stop "nonsensical" talk about denuclearization, North Korea urges South

Top foreign ministry official slams "pathetic and miserable" South Korean government for efforts to play mediator

Oliver Hotham June 13, 2020

North Korea rules out more concessions to U.S., will pursue weapons development

In statement marking two years since the Singapore summit, foreign minister says relations have "shifted into despair"

Oliver Hotham June 11, 2020
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