September 25, 2020


Information related to North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs

Kim Jong Un secretly visited ICBM launcher factory weeks after Singapore summit

Evidence shows that Kim toured sites involved in the first test of a nuclear weapon capable of hitting U.S. mainland

Colin Zwirko September 24, 2020

North Korea renovates key missile launcher factory ahead of big military parade

Renovations at March 16 Factory accelerated in summer 2020, spurred by Kim Jong Un’s visit a year earlier

Colin Zwirko September 22, 2020

US sanctions two Iranian officials for North Korea missile cooperation

Officials accused of working with North Korea on a space vehicle launch, but details of the cooperation are vague

Chad O'Carroll September 21, 2020

North Korea warns Seoul of a ‘miserable demise’ after US-ROK defense talks

North Korean state media condemned the U.S. and South Korea for mentioning a hypothetical preemptive strike scenario

Jeongmin Kim September 21, 2020

North Korea mysteriously airs and then deletes rare footage of an old SLBM test

The footage is not related to Pyongyang’s newest SLBM developments, but its prompt cover-up raises questions

Colin Zwirko September 16, 2020

Why America’s feud with China is holding up North Korea denuclearization dreams

Competition between Washington and Beijing may soon stoke conflict on the Korean peninsula

James Tyson September 15, 2020

North Korea may parade more than a dozen new heavy missile launchers on Oct. 10

Satellite imagery shows that the DPRK is gearing up storage units — possibly to show off massive, high-tech equipment

Chad O'Carroll September 15, 2020

North Korea's nuclear program carries on, but it's getting even harder to track

The new International Atomic Energy Agency report is shedding light on North Korea's recent nuclear activities

Ankit Panda September 7, 2020

North Korea once again touts its national space program and satellite launches 

Pyongyang is increasingly promoting its space sector, possibly hinting at another planned launch in the near future

Colin Zwirko September 7, 2020

US sounds the alarm on North Korea’s missile development wishlist

Advisory lists top industries and items North Korea may be seeking from abroad, warning global industry over sanctions

Colin Zwirko September 2, 2020
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