December 05, 2020


Information related to North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs

North Korea in Nov. 2020: A month in review and what’s ahead

An analytical look at the main developments from Nov. 1, 2020 to Nov. 30, 2020

NK Pro December 3, 2020

In a possible nod to Biden, North Korea stays silent on key ICBM anniversary

Sunday marked the three-year anniversary of the Hwasong-15 ICBM test launch in 2017

Colin Zwirko November 30, 2020

New photo reveals extra ‘standby’ ICBM at North Korea’s military parade

Presence of fifth Hwasong-15 ICBM important for accounting inventory, expert says

Colin Zwirko November 26, 2020

South Korea will work with China to achieve North Korean denuclearization: Moon

Experts, however, doubt North Korea was high on Chinese foreign minister's agenda in meeting with South Korean president

Jeongmin Kim November 26, 2020

Photos: New North Korean weapons book chronicles the country’s nuke development

The state-produced book can serve as a cheat sheet for weapons test milestones under Kim Jong Un

Colin Zwirko November 24, 2020

A titan among trucks: What North Korea’s ‘monster’ Hwasong-16 TEL really means

This massive new vehicle may be impractical, but its development shows North Korea can now make its own mobile launchers

Joost Oliemans | Stijn Mitzer November 20, 2020

More clues surface about site thought to be secret North Korean nuclear facility

IAEA director says reported “Kangson” uranium enrichment plant near Pyongyang is “relevant” to DPRK nuke program

Colin Zwirko November 19, 2020

US missile defense test suggests that Washington can destroy North Korean ICBMs

The U.S. Missile Defence Agency did not mention North Korea, but experts say the test is meant to target the DPRK's ICBM

David Volodzko November 17, 2020

Who are Biden's potential advisors, and how will they affect North Korea policy?

Biden's advisors will likely support pressuring North Korea toward talks that could facilitate an interim arms deal

Jonathan R. Corrado November 16, 2020

Seoul urges North Korea to keep calm during US presidential transition

As of Nov. 13, North Korea has not said anything about President-elect Joe Biden’s victory

Jeongmin Kim November 13, 2020
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