November 21, 2019


Information related to North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs

Window "still open" for a deal with North Korea, Biegun tells U.S. Senators

Top envoy to DPRK says his promotion to Deputy Secretary of State will bring "higher stature" to the issue

Jacob Fromer November 20, 2019

North Korea wants concrete proposal before talks with U.S.: top envoy

Statement from DPRK nuclear negotiator Kim Myong Gil rejects peace document, liaison office as bargaining chips

Jacob Fromer November 14, 2019

North Korea ready to take "new path," step up weapons development: Choson Sinbo

Pro-Pyongyang outlet urges Washington to make a "wise choice," says new systems can strike U.S. bases in South

Dagyum Ji November 13, 2019

North Korean event on building "Space Power" held in Pyongyang this week: KCNA

Symposium on Space Science and Technology held annually since 2014, but was not mentioned last year amid talks with U.S.

Colin Zwirko November 13, 2019

North Korea's nuclear activities still "cause for serious concern": IAEA

In response, DPRK "categorically rejects" the IAEA report and accuses the organization of bias

Jacob Fromer November 11, 2019

At Moscow conference, slim progress on North Korea's "window of opportunity"

Moscow's hopes of creating a forum for multilateral dialogue on DPRK issues may have been stalled, at least for now

Anthony V. Rinna November 10, 2019

Divided Congress can have bipartisan "unity" on North Korea, congresswoman says

Leader of Asian Pacific American caucus tells NK News that diplomacy with DPRK is good, but not if it’s “just for show”

Jacob Fromer November 8, 2019

DPRK, U.S. need to address peace regime in negotiations: top State Dept official

U.S. Deputy Special Representative for DPRK Alex Wong calls peace regime with North "powerful" and "an aspiration"

Jacob Fromer November 5, 2019

State Department's DPRK policy focused on cyber crime, nuclear weapons: report

State Department's report highlights its own implementation of Trump Administration's Asia-Pacific policy

Jacob Fromer November 4, 2019

Top DPRK official on U.S. affairs attending Moscow Nonproliferation Conference

Russian conference organizer previously discussed North Korean nuclear energy in May Pyongyang meeting

Colin Zwirko November 4, 2019
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