March 04, 2021


Information related to North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs


North Korea in Feb. 2021: A month in review and what’s ahead

An analytical look at the main developments from Feb. 1, 2021 to Feb. 28, 2021

NK Pro March 3, 2021

US should not recognize North Korea as ‘limited nuclear power’: H.R. McMaster

Sanctions should not be relieved to spur initial denuclearization talks, McMaster says

Two years later, Trump and Kim’s failed Hanoi summit casts a dark shadow

The U.S. and North Korea missed the chance to strike a deal, experts say — and that opportunity may never come back

Min Chao Choy February 26, 2021

US ballistic missile test sends a hostile message to North Korea, experts say

Pyongyang will use the “Minuteman III” ICBM test launch to justify its own weapons tests, experts say

Jeongmin Kim February 25, 2021

North Korea is a bigger missile threat than Russia, China or Iran: US official

Top US official warns that there’s a “real possibility” North Korea would actually launch a missile toward Americans

Jeongmin Kim February 24, 2021

Japan’s back in the North Korea game, but it faces nearly impossible challenges

North Korea’s long-range nuclear threat could overshadow Japan’s other security priorities

James Fretwell February 23, 2021

South Korea pushes for talks two years after Trump walked out on Kim Jong Un

Top South Korean official urged North Korea to return to nuclear negotiations and asked for international support at UN

Kelly Kasulis February 23, 2021

Kim Jong Un won’t change until he has the power to nuke any American city

Contrary to what diplomats say, denuclearizing North Korea remains impossible

Andrei Lankov February 22, 2021

After years of tension, Seoul and Tokyo hold talks on North Korean nukes

Washington also took part in the call, which ended in vows for ‘close cooperation’ on ‘North Korea-related challenges’

Jeongmin Kim February 19, 2021

North Korea’s tumbling economy hasn’t stopped Kim Jong Un from making more nukes

An unpublished draft of the latest U.N. Panel of Experts report shows that Kim Jong Un is still advancing his weapons

Ankit Panda February 12, 2021
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