January 21, 2021


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With Trump gone, Kim Jong Un will realize that he bet on the wrong horse

The North Korean leader spent a lot of time wooing a U.S. president that’s about to be replaced by hardliner Joe Biden

Dennis P. Halpin January 20, 2021

Kim Jong Un’s grave-robbing promotion is his biggest mistake yet

The North Korean leader is committing ideological heresy by taking Kim Jong Il’s general secretary position

Fyodor Tertitskiy January 12, 2021

Kim Jong Un’s nixed New Years speech shows just how stressed he really is

After an isolated year mired by economic hardship, the North Korean leader couldn’t be bothered with ceremonious remarks

Andrei Lankov January 1, 2021

Why Kim Jong Un couldn’t be bothered with more ‘on-the-spot’ guidances in 2020

It may be a North Korean tradition, but the young ruler is making his own leadership traditions this year

Tatiana Gabroussenko December 25, 2020

A North Korean textbook shows that Pyongyang and Beijing are still ‘frenemies’

By all indications, Pyongyang and Beijing really cozied up in 2020. But a recent history book suggests otherwise.

Andrei Lankov December 17, 2020

For once, we begin to agree: Korea is not divided. It’s two separate states.

Recently, a South Korean newspaper on the left and right both published op-eds arguing the same thing

Andrei Lankov December 16, 2020

With Biden in office, South Korea shouldn’t be the US and North Korea’s mediator

Seductive to some, the idea of South Korea as a go-between is deeply flawed

Aidan Foster-Carter November 30, 2020

Kim Jong Un’s money manipulation is bad news — and there’s likely more to come

The North Korean government is rolling back old decisions at the detriment of the economy

Andrei Lankov November 26, 2020

Column: At least Moon Jae-in’s North Korea policy is consistent

Moon’s stance is crystal clear. South Korea’s conservative leaders, on the other hand, were zigzaggers.

Aidan Foster-Carter October 15, 2020

Kim’s construction project woes reflect his poor economic planning

The Supreme Leader is now scapegoating others for failing to meet his latest hospital project's unrealistic deadlines

Aidan Foster-Carter July 24, 2020
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