December 05, 2020


NK Pro Analysts

Korea Risk Group is looking to expand its team of analysts and is seeking North Korea experts who are interested in contributing to NK Pro remotely, on a freelance or retainer basis. NK Pro analysts are intellectually rigorous and academically or professionally experienced researchers of North Korean political, economic, military or technological developments. Successful candidates will also have strong writing skills and the ability to produce concise copy, often on short notice.


  • Proven expertise in analyzing political, economic, military or technological developments in North Korea
  • Intellectual rigor and ability to thoroughly assess timely issues in a reflected and transparent manner, resulting in concise and readable copy suitable for publication on
  • Ability to produce timely analyses on recent developments, often on short notice and sometimes within as little as 24 hours
  • Willingness to face questions and stylistic edits by NK News editors to ensure consistency with existing content on NK Pro
  • Willingness to take a position and risk being proven wrong by North Korea’s often unpredictable actions


  • Master’s Degree of higher in a field relevant to assessing contemporary developments on the Korean peninsula
  • Experience writing in-depth analysis for academic journals or media outlets

Interested? Please send an email with your CV and three analytic writing samples to [email protected]. Competitive compensation will be offered on a per-article basis, with the option of a fixed retainer contract (a monthly base pay) after an initial assessment period of three months.