December 05, 2020


Information related to North Korean history

The mystery behind a South Korean presidential candidate executed for collusion

He was executed for ties to North Korea and became a political martyr. But new evidence shakes up the story once again.

Fyodor Tertitskiy November 17, 2020

Russia-North Korea relations hit a high point and then fell into a deadlock

Russian companies won't significantly invest because North Korea can't give them what they don't already have

Andrei Lankov November 12, 2020

China’s newly-remodeled Korean War museum is a friendly gesture to North Korea

After a six-year shutdown, the museum is bigger and better than before — just like Beijing and Pyongyang’s relationship

Luz Ding October 7, 2020

US reviewed plans to use nuclear weapons on North Korea, strike leadership

Amid growing tensions in 2017, U.S. brushed up on plans to attack North Korea using nuclear weapons

Chad O'Carroll September 14, 2020

Why North Korea may be on the brink of another deadly ‘Arduous March’ famine

Sanctions, flooding, COVID-19 and other 2020 conditions look eerily similar to what caused the devastating 1990s famine

James Fretwell September 4, 2020

'Frozen in time': Photos inside North Korea's lavish, nostalgia-driving hotels

A new book, "Hotels of Pyongyang," offers a detailed view of North Korean aesthetic and design in places of leisure

Kelly Kasulis August 19, 2020

75 years after liberation, are we slowly coming to terms with a divided Korea?

Calls for a united homeland have become gradually quieter since liberation from Japanese colonial rule in 1945

James Fretwell August 14, 2020

Lasting impact: What Korea would look like if the 'Forgotten War' never happened

The Korean War deepened hostilities between North and South, drastically altering the course of history

Fyodor Tertitskiy August 11, 2020

Meeting Kim Il Sung and years of reporting on Korea - NKNews Podcast Ep.141

Michael Breen discusses his broad career reporting on the two Koreas and his experience meeting Kim Il Sung

NK News August 11, 2020

How the atomic bombing of Hiroshima shaped North Korea’s fears for decades

North Korea sees the United States’ refusal to apologize as a sign that Washington might use nuclear weapons again

James Fretwell August 5, 2020
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