October 23, 2020

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North Korea spent $965,000 on a mysterious Russian item in August: Trade data

Aside from the mystery item category, the DPRK also spent serious cash on two powerful turbine engines

Petroleum exports to North Korea hit rock bottom in August, UN data shows

The DPRK is totally dependent on outside fuel, but prices inside remain stable — meaning that more may be going on

Truck tires and blood transfusers: Chinese trade to DPRK drops in August

Trade contracted sharply, but truck tires and health equipment surged to new heights in Aug. 2020

Accordions and chairs? North Korea’s July exports to Russia hit an all-year high

Accordions and their accessories made up more than 60% of July’s $246,000 export value

Russia exports more medical goods to North Korea ahead of major hospital opening

Grain aid made up 85% of exports for July 2020, but medical products were the second largest category by value