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    North Korean iron, coal exports at zero in October: Beijing
    02:07 05 December, 2017   Leo Byrne

    Chinese trade figures show North Korean exports of coal and iron ores dropped to zero in October, in line with UN measures prohibiting the trade passed earlier in the year. While China continued to buy DPRK coal and iron in August and September, stretching the...

    Singaporean conglomerate SUTL denies business links to North Korea

    A Singaporean conglomerate which acquired a joint-venture (J/V) cigarette factor...

    10:32 01 December, 2017  Chad O'Carroll
    Chinese exports of gasoline, diesel to North Korea fall to zero in October

    China ceased all exports of gasoline and diesel to North Korea in October, recen...

    01:44 01 December, 2017  Leo Byrne
    Three newly sanctioned ships visit China, Russia

    Three newly sanctioned North Korean ships arrived at ports in Russia and China o...

    01:19 28 November, 2017  Leo Byrne
    North Korea-linked ship owned by weapon smuggler arrives at Chinese coal port

    A North Korea-linked ship owned by a company which has helped the DPRK smuggle w...

    03:14 21 November, 2017  Leo Byrne
    China still spending millions on North Korean iron products, data shows

    China spent nearly USD$2 million importing North Korean iron products in Septemb...

    01:20 16 November, 2017  Leo Byrne
    N. Korean crops collected and distributed en masse in Northwest, photos show

    Large cargoes of crops are being collected and transported throughout northweste...

    10:13 15 November, 2017  Chad O'Carroll
    North Korea continues to buy Chinese electronics in September

    North Korean interest in Chinese consumer electronics remained high in September...

    01:44 14 November, 2017  Leo Byrne
    Construction ongoing at Nampo oil terminal despite oil measures

    North Korea appears to have nearly completed construction on a new pier at its N...

    16:56 10 November, 2017  Hamish Macdonald and Leo Byrne

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