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    Air Koryo jet conducts in-country flight following two month absence
    10:39 12 January, 2017   Hamish Macdonald

    One of North Korea’s most active commercial planes, which was involved in a mid-air incident in 2016, reappeared on Monday after two months of inactivity, data on Flightradar24.com shows. The plane, Air Koryo’s TU204-300 P-632 jet, operates regular flights...

    North Korean ships return to Chinese coal terminals

    North Korean vessels returned to Chinese coal terminals in force this week, as a...

    16:09 06 January, 2017  Leo Byrne
    Russian trade with North Korean continues to fall in 2016

    Russian trade with North Korea continued its ongoing downward trajectory in 2016...

    10:16 06 January, 2017  Leo Byrne
    Another small N. Korean cargo ship arrives at Chinese coal terminal

    A North Korean cargo ship arrived at what appears to be a Chinese coal terminal ...

    16:01 30 December, 2016  Leo Byrne
    North Korean heavy diesel truck imports hit record highs

    North Korean imports of heavy vehicles from China hit record levels in November,...

    18:02 29 December, 2016  Leo Byrne
    North Korea's central bank possibly expanding, images suggest

    A high-rise adjacent to the Central Bank of the DPRK is under construction, imag...

    11:14 28 December, 2016  JH Ahn
    North Korean ship arrives at Chinese coal terminal

    A North Korean vessel pulled up at a Chinese coal terminal earlier on Friday, ha...

    10:17 16 December, 2016  Leo Byrne
    Trade between N.Korea, China up in first 10 months of 2016

    Dollar value trade between North Korea and China was higher throughout the first...

    09:39 15 December, 2016  Leo Byrne
    Palau deregisters sanctioned North Korean ship

    One of the vessels on the UN’s blacklist was deregistered from the Houston, Te...

    10:07 14 December, 2016  Leo Byrne

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