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    UN sanctioned ship appears in France, though could be evidence of ‘spoofing’
    17:32 22 March, 2019   Leo Byrne

    A UN sanctioned, DPRK-linked ship starting broadcasting its location in a French port earlier in the week, though the signal may be another instance of vessel identity "spoofing".The 13,500-tonne cargo ship called the Hao Fan 6 was blacklisted by the UN for i...

    North Korea upgrades capacity at Nampho container terminal

    Satellite imagery from Planet Labs SkySat platform shows a new crane installed a...

    01:43 21 March, 2019  Leo Byrne
    North Korean imports of Chinese fertilizer soared in 2018: data

    An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the UN report was iss...

    01:47 20 March, 2019  Leo Byrne
    UN PoE identified DPRK-linked company still sending vessels to South Korea

    A Hong Kong-based company which the UN Panel of Experts (PoE) alleges is involve...

    00:01 19 March, 2019  Leo Byrne
    China continued imports of sanctioned iron, steel from North Korea in 2018

    China continued the import and export of sanctioned materials and commodities in...

    21:26 14 March, 2019  Leo Byrne
    Russian fuel exports to North Korea remain high in January: UN

    Russia continued declaring relatively high oil product exports to North Korea in...

    21:29 13 March, 2019  Leo Byrne
    North Korean imports from China drop in the first month of 2019

    Chinese exports to North Korea fell sharply in January, figures from Beijing's c...

    18:27 08 March, 2019  Leo Byrne
    N.Korea makes progress on construction near Satellite Control Center: Imagery

    An ongoing effort to construct a complex of new buildings connected to North Kor...

    12:32 06 March, 2019  Colin Zwirko
    Satellite imagery shows ships laden with coal in North Korea ahead of Hanoi summit

    Satellite imagery taken the day before last week's summit between U.S. President...

    22:25 04 March, 2019  Leo Byrne

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