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    Chinese oil volumes to North Korea fell in May, UN data shows
    23:00 17 July, 2019   Leo Byrne

    Chinese volumes of oil products shipped to North Korea remained low in May, according to figures reported to the UN, with quantities falling slightly when compared to April.Overall, Beijing's reported shipments of refined petroleum remain well short of pre-sa...

    North Korean tobacco imports from China soared in 2018, data reveals

    North Korean imports of Chinese tobacco products in 2018 rose to the highest lev...

    04:00 17 July, 2019  Leo Byrne
    Vessel seized by South Korea exported armored limos, imported coal: report

    Two armored Mercedes limousines were “likely diverted to North Korea” after ...

    12:39 16 July, 2019  NK Pro
    Pyongyang health appliances expo attracted over 100 DPRK, foreign firms: photos

    This year's Pyongyang International Sci-Tech Exhibition for Health & Medical...

    00:55 15 July, 2019  Colin Zwirko
    North Korean coal trans-shipper returns to South Korea

    A North Korean coal trans-shipper returned to South Korea's shores in early July...

    22:30 10 July, 2019  Leo Byrne
    No Chinese gasoline or diesel shipments to North Korea in May: data

    Chinese oil exports to North Korea in May did not include any commonly-used fuel...

    17:21 09 July, 2019  Leo Byrne
    Chinese state railway corp nears completion of new Sino-DPRK cross-border bridge

    A Chinese state-owned railway corporation constructing the latest cross-border b...

    00:34 09 July, 2019  Colin Zwirko
    North Korea imports less oil from Russia in May: UN

    Russian exports of refined petroleum products to North Korea fell in May, though...

    20:07 05 July, 2019  Leo Byrne
    Pyongyang’s oldest department store undergoing facelift, photos show

    The oldest department store in the North Korean capital, centrally located near ...

    23:01 03 July, 2019  Colin Zwirko

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