November 21, 2019

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Information related to the North Korean missile program

North Korea in October 2019: a month in review and what’s ahead

An analytic look at the main developments of the October 1-October 31 period

NK Pro November 4, 2019

What to make of North Korea’s third successful MRLS test this year

As diplomacy has stalled, Pyongyang has enhanced its already-formidable conventional war-fighting capability

Ankit Panda November 2, 2019

North Korean media coverage of the October 31 weapons test: some oddities

The country's ruling party daily portrayed the latest missile launch as necessary for economic construction

Rachel Minyoung Lee November 1, 2019

N. Korea’s new submarine-launched ballistic missile: unpacking the Pukguksong-3

The DPRK remains committed to developing a sea-leg for its nuclear forces

Ankit Panda October 3, 2019

Timeline: From North Korean missile testing to a “new method” in diplomacy

NK Pro timeline charts the key events from August 1 - September 24

NK Pro September 27, 2019

North Korea’s new Multiple Launch Rocket System: a closer look

Images appear to show a 600mm MLRS system and suggest three, not two, rockets were launched

Ankit Panda September 11, 2019

In the UN’s latest report, worrying trends in N. Korea’s missile, nuclear program

The Panel of Experts' latest findings reveal development continues unabated

Ankit Panda September 9, 2019

North Korea in August 2019: a month in review and what’s ahead

An analytic look at the main developments of the August 1 - 31 period

NK Pro September 2, 2019

In full: the 103 North Korean scientists promoted for military efforts

English translations of the 103 scientists named in DPRK state media as having received promotions

NK Pro August 16, 2019

Unpacking North Korea’s new weapon: the “Songun ATACMS”

Kim Jong Un is demonstrating a degree of military parity between his capabilities and those of South Korea

Ankit Panda August 11, 2019
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