January 28, 2020

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Ahead of Paektu trip, horse tracks replaced two of Kim Jong Un’s private runways

New infrastructure may have served as a riding practice ground before December's highly-publicized mountain trek

Colin Zwirko January 8, 2020

Chinese grain exports to North Korea drop by half in October: data

DPRK's grain imports from China still higher than any point between spring 2018 and summer of this year

Jacob Fromer December 13, 2019

After the Hanoi summit, a hyper-securitization process underway in Pyongyang?

A range of incidents, trends, and policies have emerged which suggest DPRK authorities wish to sharply bolster control

Chad O'Carroll November 21, 2019

130+ traffic education parks built across North Korea since 2016: imagery

What’s driving the construction, and is the DPRK preparing to become a car-owning society?

Colin Zwirko November 18, 2019

New photo reveals two-tier pricing system on DPRK’s Pyongyang-Hyangsan highway

Costs of up to 14.40 euros to traverse the full length of the highway, photo indicates

Chad O'Carroll November 11, 2019

Pyongyang Autumn Trade Fair (2019): The full exhibitor list

360 firms participating in this week’s expo – but who are they?

NK Pro September 24, 2019

Revealed: North Korea’s under-development space environment test center

Recent developments suggest the DPRK's space ambitions are becoming significantly less opaque

Dave Schmerler June 25, 2019

Shoddy construction on display at Sinuiju riverside high-rise construction site

Work appeared active in late March, photos show

Colin Zwirko April 16, 2019

North Korea’s reported vessel traffic plummeted last year, yet to rebound: analysis

Though vessels flagged in other jurisdictions may have picked up some of the slack

Leo Byrne December 28, 2018

Rapid progress at Samjiyon construction project since summer, imagery reveals

Over 100 new buildings appear to have sprouted up since Kim Jong Un's July visit

Colin Zwirko October 5, 2018
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