January 20, 2021

Tag: Shipping

Information related to shipping in and around the DPRK

North Korean ships remain idle, with only one possible shipment in late December

Activity at east DPRK coast ports included a single voyage seen leaving China for Nampho on Dec. 25, 2020

Min Chao Choy January 6, 2021

Ships openly admit to buying illegal fishing permits from North Korea

Chinese and South Korean-flagged ships said they’re involved in potential sanctions-violating acts, new documents show

Min Chao Choy January 1, 2021

North Korea in Dec. 2020: A month in review and what’s ahead

An analytical look at the main developments from Dec. 1, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2020

NK Pro January 1, 2021

After a sluggish year, North Korean ships are expected to idle well into 2021

A look at the last year of DPRK ship movements reflect the country’s border shutdowns and decreased commercial activity

Min Chao Choy December 25, 2020

Fewer international ships and aircraft monitoring North Korean smuggling in 2020

Overall foreign military deployments to the Japan area fell this year, and that means less monitoring of the DPRK

Min Chao Choy December 16, 2020

Timeline: From Pyongyang’s election silence to trade dips and Politburo meetings

NK Pro timeline charts the key events from Nov. 1 - Nov. 30

NK Pro December 2, 2020

North Korean ships loiter at ports as the country grapples with COVID-19 anxiety

North Korea’s fleets idle in mid-to-late November, all while Chinese ships swarm the Yellow Sea for fishing

Min Chao Choy December 1, 2020

Thirty aircraft spotted flying in light show formation in Chongjin, North Korea

A photo obtained by NK Pro suggests that North Korea was preparing for the "Day of Air Men" on Nov. 29

Chad O'Carroll December 1, 2020

After months of extreme quiet, North Korean ship traffic is back on the rise

Ships on the east coast might be moving goods around the country because summer typhoons destroyed key roads and bridges

Min Chao Choy November 20, 2020

North Korea in Oct. 2020: A month review and what’s ahead

An analytical look at the main developments from Oct. 1, 2020 to Oct. 31, 2020

NK Pro November 3, 2020
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