November 21, 2019

Tag: Aviation

Information related to aviation in and around the DPRK

Air Koryo increases Macau flights, decreases other routes for winter season

Air China also decreases Beijing-Pyongyang flights from three to two times per week

Colin Zwirko October 30, 2019

Air Koryo goes to Wuhan, Jinan service back on semi-regular basis

Flight schedule shows an increasingly busy timetable for Air Koryo

Chad O'Carroll October 26, 2019

Two years on, still no int’l flight activity at North Korea’s Kalma airport

Satellite imagery, sources suggest Wonsan development remains largely unused domestically

Chad O'Carroll October 25, 2017

North Korean oil product imports from China increase in March

Spikes were not enough to indicate upcoming supply shortages

Leo Byrne May 5, 2017

Air Koryo to start twice weekly Pyongyang-Dandong flights

JS781 will depart Pyongyang on Tuesdays and Thursdays to Dandong

Chad O'Carroll March 22, 2017

Air Koryo jet conducts in-country flight following two month absence

Flight path similar to previously test flight following mid-air incident aboard P-632 plane

Hamish Macdonald January 12, 2017

The impact of the U.S. Treasury’s Air Koryo sanctions designations

Short-term impact likely negligible, but potential for major consequences in medium-to-long term

Chad O'Carroll December 6, 2016

North Korea’s newest aircraft made by a company in New Zealand

P-750 XSTOL light aircraft photographed at the recent Wonsan Air Show

Leo Byrne September 30, 2016

Air Koryo Kuwait flight conducts irregular transit stop in China

Irregular transit stop in Urumqi preferred over Islamabad, possible link to aviation notice issued on August 30

Hamish Macdonald August 31, 2016

New Air Koryo planes from U.S. and Europe

Acquisition of light planes show ability for North Korea to purchase equipment indirectly

Hamish Macdonald| Leo Byrne June 24, 2016