February 05, 2023

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Jets fly over Pyongyang overnight in likely training for military parade

Videos seen by NK News show planes with flares and LED lights, while photos show preparations in Kim Il Sung Square

Japan launches intelligence satellite to monitor North Korean military activity

Tokyo seeks to operate network of 10 satellites by 2028 to boost security against DPRK missiles and natural disasters

North Korea pushes ahead with military parade training despite virus lockdown

Satellite imagery also suggests jets have joined preparations for parade scheduled for Feb. 8

Possible drone spotted near DMZ, weeks after North Korean incursion

NK News observed aircraft from border observatory on Tuesday, raising questions about flights in sensitive military area

Kenneth Rowe, North Korean pilot who defected in Soviet plane, dies at 90

Rowe fooled the DPRK air force into thinking he was loyal to Kim Il Sung, all while he was planning his great escape