November 21, 2019

Tag: Foreign Relations

Information related to the North Korea’s foreign relations

Looking ahead: prospects for North Korea-U.S. relations

Amid a flurry of statements by DPRK officials, NK Pro analysts examine whether diplomacy can get back on track

In review: inter-Korean relations, prospects for change since the Hanoi summit

Ongoing Mount Kumgang issue merits a review of North-South ties in the wake of February's failed Kim-Trump meeting

Rachel Minyoung Lee November 12, 2019

North Korean criticism of U.S. for joint drills could signal bigger policy shift

Pyongyang’s unusual singling out of the U.S. for military drills with South Korea reflects a hardening position

Rachel Minyoung Lee November 7, 2019

The View from Jingshan: anniversary of Sino-DPRK ties passes without a summit

Broader shifts in U.S.-China-North Korea relations influenced Beijing's cautiousness in hosting the DPRK leader again

John Petrushka November 5, 2019

North Korea in October 2019: a month in review and what’s ahead

An analytic look at the main developments of the October 1-October 31 period

NK Pro November 4, 2019

North Korea appears to cement denuclearization talks policy

Pyongyang’s domestic reaffirmation of denuclearization talks policy shows resolve to follow through

Rachel Minyoung Lee October 29, 2019

Strengthening state control, North Korea partially scraps foreign trade reforms

Recent revisions to Foreign Trade Act point to a rollback of key planks in the Kim Jong Un-era reform agenda

Peter Ward October 29, 2019

How a Democratic win in 2020 could change U.S. policy on North Korea

Democrats are unanimous in their calls for more traditional diplomacy, rejection of Trump's personalistic style

Jonathan R. Corrado October 25, 2019

What Kim Jong Un’s Mount Kumgang visit bodes for inter-Korean ties

Despite suggestions that Pyongyang may be creating an opening for talks with Seoul, such a policy shift appears unlikely

Rachel Minyoung Lee October 24, 2019

On party founding anniversary, North Korea bolsters Kim Jong Un’s leadership

The Rodong Sinmun's unusual emphasis of Kim tracks with post-Hanoi developments

Rachel Minyoung Lee October 11, 2019
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