January 27, 2021

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Information related to the North Korea’s foreign relations

China and North Korea are cozying up, but their connection looks conniving

North Korea and China will continue to sweep disagreements under the rug for the sake of their short-term priorities

John Petrushka January 26, 2021

Why Seoul’s foreign minister nominee won’t be able to score Moon more summits

Chung Eui-yong helped fix 2018 and 2019's summits, but COVID-19 and a reluctant Biden will make more talks difficult

James Fretwell January 22, 2021

China, Russia finally agree with UN on conversion rate for North Korean fuel cap

The U.N. sanctions committee will now be able to more accurately monitor how much fuel is going into the DPRK

Min Chao Choy January 22, 2021

Chinese ships in North Korea drop by 30% after years of rampant, illegal fishing

U.N. sanctions didn’t stop Chinese ships from plucking North Korean squid, but a new report suggests that COVID-19 did

Min Chao Choy January 21, 2021

COVID-19 crushed North Korea’s illegal poaching endeavors in Russia

North Korean fishing boats in Russian waters fell by 95% in 2020, a new report from the Global Fishing Watch says

Min Chao Choy January 21, 2021

Recap: Top moments at North Korea’s Eighth Party Congress

The eight-day-long event went over failures of the last five years and clarified social, economic and military plans

Colin Zwirko January 15, 2021

A newly-declassified document underscores Trump’s North Korea failures

The U.S. wanted to convince North Korea that it doesn’t need nukes, but Kim is far from persuaded

James Fretwell January 15, 2021

Statues in Africa traced back to North Korean artists making money for regime 

A new report suggests that two North Korean artists are using a front company to make the DPRK dollars

Min Chao Choy January 15, 2021

Party Congress: What Biden should expect from North Korea going forward

Kim has set North Korea’s course, and the new U.S. president should keep any expectations for diplomacy flexible and low

Markus V. Garlauskas January 14, 2021

Party Congress: Kim Jong Un’s weapons wishlist suggests testing campaign ahead

Depending on how the Biden administration responds, North Korea may revert to testing to modernize its military

Ankit Panda January 10, 2021
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