June 04, 2020

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Information related to trade data on North Korea

North Korean imports of antibiotics spiked in April, Chinese trade data shows

China exported 15,000 kg of tetracycline derivatives, cited as a possible treatment for COVID-19, to the DPRK last month

Min Chao Choy May 27, 2020

China’s food exports to North Korea remain abnormally low in April: data

For second consecutive month, China reports sending no fruit, vegetables, corn, rice, or meat to DPRK

Jacob Fromer May 26, 2020

Russian flour to North Korea dropped in February, rose sharply in March: data

Reported exports come amid concerns of food insecurity in DPRK

Jacob Fromer May 23, 2020

$4.8 million in alcohol exports to China likely re-exported to North Korea: data

Wine, vodka, and whisky being held in Chinese entrepôt zones potentially being exported on to the DPRK

Min Chao Choy May 19, 2020

Russia’s reported oil exports to North Korea dip slightly in March: data

Russia's reported refined petroleum shipments to DPRK are contrast to China's record low report for the same month

Jacob Fromer May 18, 2020

Millions of dollars’ worth of exports to China likely rerouted to North Korea

Data could reveal "serious loophole" in the global sanctions regime, official previously told NK Pro

Jacob Fromer May 12, 2020

Some North Korean exports to China resold in EU and South Korea, data suggests

Figures could represent what may be a significant and previously-unreported loophole in global sanctions regime

Jacob Fromer May 11, 2020

MSG nation: monosodium glutamate remains an “essential” good in North Korea

Monosodium glutamate consumption is historically ubiquitous and remains a top imported product

Min Chao Choy May 7, 2020

What Chinese trade data reveals about North Korean smoking habits

Tobacco exports are on-par with essential goods, with the average smoker getting through eight cigarettes a day

Min Chao Choy May 1, 2020

China reports minuscule levels of food exports to North Korea in March

New customs data follows reports of panic buying in Pyongyang supermarkets

Jacob Fromer April 29, 2020
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