November 21, 2019

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Information related to trade data on North Korea

Russian refined oil exports to North Korea bounce back in August: data

Shipments follow a similar trend to last year, numbers provided to the 1718 Committee show

Leo Byrne October 11, 2019

North Korea imports sanctioned items valued at over $300,000 from Russia in July

The shipments included electrical and industrial items covered by designated trade codes

Leo Byrne October 10, 2019

North Korean reported oil imports up year on year: UN data

Though reported shipments are just a fraction of probable illicit inflows

Leo Byrne September 27, 2019

Russian oil supplies to North Korea fell to yearly lows in July: UN data

Drop is similar to that which occurred last year, indicating a seasonal low

Leo Byrne September 25, 2019

North Korean imports of Chinese cereals spike to highest levels in years

The sharp increase follows a visit from Chinese President Xi Jinping in June

Leo Byrne September 20, 2019

Chinese oil exports to North Korea increase in July: data

Exports following a similar pattern to 2018

Leo Byrne September 16, 2019

North Korea imported over $1 billion in Chinese goods in first half of 2019: data

DPRK imports from PRC likely on course to pass $2 billion in total value by year's end

Leo Byrne August 15, 2019

North Korean imports of tobacco products continue to increase in June

DPRK tobacco imports out-pace reported spending on cereals, beverages, and refined oil

Leo Byrne August 8, 2019

North Korea exports to China fall to yearly lows

DPRK also bought fewer food products from its neighbor in June, data shows

Leo Byrne July 30, 2019

Russian trade with North Korea falls sharply in May

Fuel exports fall, along with various agricultural products

Leo Byrne July 23, 2019
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