August 19, 2022

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North Korea eyes China border trade resumption as quarantine center cleared

Imagery shows movement at freight intake platforms after Kim Jong Un ordered ‘reexamination’ of COVID border policies

Chinese trader hawks North Korean food and spirits at new import exhibition

New initiative represents significant downscaling from pre-COVID ambitions for greater economic cooperation

Foreign cigarettes on sale in North Korean capital despite COVID border controls

New photos show American, Chinese and Japanese brands at Pyongyang shops, raising questions about how they entered DPRK

North Korea’s official oil imports hit zero in May amid COVID-19 outbreak

But imagery tells different story, as expert says Nampho has received at least 30 oil deliveries from China this year

Chinese ships loiter near site of ship-to-ship transfers in North Korean waters

Activity appears far from usual transfer sites, while anomalies in at least two ships’ broadcasts point to tampering