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    Latest NK Pro analysis related to the DPRK

    Why North Korean defectors choose to leave
    07:42 27 April, 2017   Christopher Green

    This is the second part of a series examining research on North Koreans defectors. You can read part one here. Starting in the late 1960s, the Soviet Union permitted hundreds of thousands of its citizens to leave the country permanently. Between 1968 and 1984,...

    North Korea's April 15 military parade: the view from above

    On April 15, North Korea staged a massive military and civilian parade to mark t...

    10:36 25 April, 2017  Hamish Macdonald
    North Korea's ICBM arsenal: How advanced is it, and should we be worried?

    April 15, 2017, known in North Korea as the “Day of the Sun,” was a festival...

    03:40 24 April, 2017  Tal Inbar
    How close is North Korea to testing an ICBM?

    After the DPRK’s big military parade, solid-propellant ICBMs are the hot topic...

    05:43 21 April, 2017  Scott LaFoy
    Tensions on the Korean Peninsula: Plus ça change?

    The horrifying prospect of war again befalls the Korean peninsula. But perhaps w...

    04:58 20 April, 2017  Tristan Webb
    Second ship heads from N. Korean coal terminal to China

    A large freighter left a coal terminal at Rason port at the start of April and s...

    01:48 18 April, 2017  Leo Byrne
    The Day of the Sun, the day of the missiles

    Under the watchful eyes of Kim Jong Un the might of the DPRK armed forces parade...

    19:05 15 April, 2017  Tal Inbar
    In depth: the weapons on show at North Korea's April 15 military parade

    North Korea’s lavish military parades, primarily used as a powerful propaganda...

    18:24 15 April, 2017  Joost Oliemans and Stijn Mitzer
    Eight basic traits of North Korean propaganda

    North Korean propaganda is truly one of the most well-known and unusual things w...

    22:02 12 April, 2017  Fyodor Tertitskiy

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