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    Latest NK Pro analysis related to the DPRK

    As sanctions loom, North Korean coal exports surge
    17:03 04 January, 2017   Leo Byrne

    DPRK traders made more money selling in coal in November than in any other month in 2016, with revenues hitting highs not seen for over three years, Chinese customs data compiled by the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) shows. But North Korean coal ...

    Kim Jong Un's New Year speech: Less Songun, more focus on economy

    This was Kim Jong Un’s fifth New Year's Day speech, but his first since being ...

    11:59 03 January, 2017  Tristan Webb
    The View from Jingshan: China looks to 2017 and new sanctions regime

    Weeks before President-elect Donald Trump takes office and amid continuing polit...

    17:50 02 January, 2017  John Petrushka
    North Korea's flood recovery: Tracking construction and rehousing

    In October, as North Korea scrambled to mitigate the worst effects of the severe...

    13:38 21 December, 2016  Hamish Macdonald
    What will Secretary of State Rex Tillerson do about North Korea?

    President-elect Donald Trump unexpectedly nominated ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson...

    09:12 13 December, 2016  Leo Byrne
    The View from Jingshan: China reacts to Trump election, Park resignation

    From the Chinese perspective, the uncertainty surrounding the Korean Peninsula a...

    14:13 07 December, 2016  John Petrushka
    The impact of the U.S. Treasury's Air Koryo sanctions designations

    North Korea’s national airline Air Koryo, 16 of its aircraft and 10 of its off...

    05:06 06 December, 2016  Chad O'Carroll
    Special relationship: China and "strategic patience"

    North Korea, in spite of the diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions, has rep...

    14:59 01 December, 2016  Weiqi Zhang
    The UN's new resolution sets coal revenues in its sights

    The UN’s Resolution passed today aims to address the shortcomings and loophole...

    15:09 30 November, 2016  Leo Byrne

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