October 23, 2020

Category: Analysis

Latest NK Pro analysis related to the DPRK

Kim Jong Un’s teary-eyed speech shows North Korea is in a dire situation

The North Korean leader’s speech was more than an apology — it was an admission that the worse may have yet to come

James Fretwell October 22, 2020

North Korea’s new foreign minister may switch tactics after the US elections

The first nine months of Ri Son Gwon’s rule kept up the status quo, but that could change depending on the elections

Arius M. Derr October 22, 2020

No mandate: Will the UN Panel of Experts disappear in the future?

Future of UN Panel of Experts could be threatened if states disagree about its value

Chad O'Carroll October 21, 2020

How Chinese netizens and state media reacted to North Korea’s giant new ICBM

Some Chinese netizens cheered North Korea on after the military parade, playing into age-old tensions with the US

John Petrushka October 21, 2020

What the World Food Programme doesn’t know about North Korean agriculture

It's impossible to track North Korea's food production system perfectly, but the WFP is missing several key points

Peter Ward October 19, 2020

What North Korea’s October military parade means for US policymakers

COVID-19 and sanctions are hurting, but not enough to cause North Korea to strategically change its course

Markus V. Garlauskas October 19, 2020

North Korea’s sophisticated cyberattacks signal desperation — not aspiration

Sanctions, natural disasters and COVID-19 are driving North Korea to rely on cyberwarfare for survival in 2020

Jeenho Hahm October 16, 2020

Missiles, guns and camo: A look at North Korea’s entire military parade lineup

With a rapidly-transforming threat looming in the DPRK, who knows what will be on display a decade from now?

Joost Oliemans| Stijn Mitzer October 13, 2020

Kim Jong Un’s soft, apologetic Oct. 10 speech also hints at rising friction

Pyongyang didn’t cross anybody’s red lines this weekend, but it still sent a clear military message to the U.S.

Christopher Green October 12, 2020

Infographic: North Korean parade reveals more new military tech than ever before

More new military equipment introduced at October 10 parade than any other parade in recent DPRK history

Joost Oliemans| Stijn Mitzer October 11, 2020
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