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    Latest NK Pro analysis related to the DPRK

    How the North is run: the Politburo and the Central Committee
    08:24 19 February, 2018   Fyodor Tertitskiy

    Communist countries are often described as one-party states, but a more precise term would be "party-state."The reason for this is that the ruling organization is not a political party in a traditional sense of word - it is not a community of people united b...

    The Nuclear Posture Review: what it means for North Korea policy

    The Trump administration has released its Nuclear Posture Review (NPR). In ter...

    06:44 15 February, 2018  Scott LaFoy
    The View from Jingshan: China reacts to Olympics, N. Korea's invitation to Moon Jae-in

    As Kim Yo Jong traveled to PyeongChang along with North Korean participants in t...

    06:41 14 February, 2018  John Petrushka
    Balancing act: UNSC sanctions exemptions and inter-Korean engagement

    The world was amazed by the dramatic joint entrance of athletes from North and S...

    07:36 13 February, 2018  Jonathan R. Corrado
    Roadblocks ahead: key hurdles to an inter-Korean summit in Pyongyang

    Kim Jong Un's invitation to South Korean President Moon Jae-in for a meeting in ...

    11:33 10 February, 2018  Chad O'Carroll
    New sanctions beginning to have impact in and around N. Korea: sources

    The cumulative impact of sanctions are having a mixed impact on a range of indic...

    08:20 09 February, 2018  Chad O'Carroll
    Kim Jong Un's public appearances in January: the leader lays low

    After a busy December which saw the North Korean leadership reemphasize ideolog...

    06:56 09 February, 2018  Fyodor Tertitskiy
    Something old, something new, something borrowed, and Pukguksong-2: The Army Day Parade

    The DPRK paraded five formations of ballistic missile systems at its February 8 ...

    22:48 08 February, 2018  Scott LaFoy
    Will Seoul allow a sanctioned North Korean official on South Korean soil?

    The South Korean Ministry of Unification has announced that three members of the...

    11:37 07 February, 2018  Chad O'Carroll and Fyodor Tertitskiy

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