November 21, 2019

Tag: Defector Issues

Information related to North Korean defector issues

Mandate for a meeting? The third inter-Korean summit and ROK public opinion

Seoul continues to enjoy majority support for its policy of rapprochement - though that may not last

Peter Ward April 23, 2018

Trump’s new travel ban: what does it mean for North Koreans?

In prohibiting DPRK citizens, the U.S. may be gathering leverage for future talks

Jonathan R. Corrado September 27, 2017

New South Korean unilateral sanctions: What are Moon’s options?

Seoul has only a few options left if it wants to increase pressure on Pyongyang

Chad O'Carroll August 2, 2017

Why North Korean defectors choose to leave

To really harness the possibilities of defector-based research, we must understand the reasons they come South

Christopher Green April 27, 2017

Publishing trends in North Korea research

What’s behind the rise in publications?

Christopher Green April 12, 2017

North Korea’s future and the growth of information access

In the third part of a series, we examine whether outside information could bring down the regime

Jieun Baek December 15, 2016

New border fence under construction on Wihwa Island near Sinuiju

Barrier along Yalu River erected along site of SEZ opposite Dandong

NK News August 29, 2016

North Korean defection by the numbers

Most recent data show falling numbers, changing ratios and factors affection defection

Leo Byrne July 8, 2015