July 10, 2020

Tag: Leadership

Information related to North Korea’s leadership and leadership structures

Six months since border closures, fears of COVID-19 mount in North Korea

Analysis suggests that the DPRK is likely trying to minimize the spread of existing outbreaks

Chad O'Carroll July 8, 2020

North Korea’s July Politburo meeting: what was discussed and why it matters

The meeting's main focus was COVID-19, but it appears a number of promotions were made as well

Martin Weiser July 6, 2020

North Korea in June 2020: a month in review and what’s ahead

An analysis of the main developments between June 1 and June 30

NK Pro July 2, 2020

Sitting above rank: the rise of Ri Pyong Chol, Pak Jong Chon, and the military

Seating arrangements at recent high-profile political meetings suggest the military's growing influence in North Korea

Martin Weiser July 1, 2020

Volte-face: What explains Kim Jong Un’s sudden change of heart?

North Korea seems to be adopting a wait-and-see stance towards the South

Christopher Green June 24, 2020

North Korea’s Central Military Commission: Kim Jong Un promotes a new generation

Recent promotions hint at preparations for long-range artillery rocket and ballistic missile deployment

Daniel Pinkston June 24, 2020

Motivations for mass leafleting: What next for inter-Korean tensions?

Pyongyang seems intent at encouraging escalatory responses from Seoul

Chad O'Carroll June 23, 2020

ANALYSIS: What’s driving increasing North Korean vitriol towards the South?

Indicators suggest Pyongyang wants to elevate a sense of crisis with South Korea. But why?

Chad O'Carroll June 8, 2020

What to make of Seoul’s rapid response to Kim Yo Jong’s leaflet-halt request

Rapid response could indicate other inter-Korean activities are on the horizon

Christopher Green June 4, 2020

At North Korean military meeting, nuclear and personnel issues take precedence

The 4th Enlarged Meeting of the Seventh CMC prioritized national defense, while also seeing some important promotions

Martin Weiser May 25, 2020
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