April 02, 2020

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Information related to the North Korean culture and culture in North Korea

Some European missions in Pyongyang to temporarily close amid coronavirus fears

Personnel from multiple missions to fly out via Vladivostok on Air Koryo flight next week

Chad O'Carroll February 27, 2020

How foreign media is changing the ways North Koreans view the outside world

New technology is allowing ordinary people to access sources of information other than Party-approved state media

Jonathan R. Corrado January 28, 2020

How technology impacts foreign media consumption, and crackdowns, in North Korea

For ordinary people, connecting with the outside world is an ever-evolving cat and mouse game with the authorities

Jonathan R. Corrado January 23, 2020

New photo reveals two-tier pricing system on DPRK’s Pyongyang-Hyangsan highway

Costs of up to 14.40 euros to traverse the full length of the highway, photo indicates

Chad O'Carroll November 11, 2019

Yangdok hot springs and ski resort project taking shape as October deadline looms

Satellite imagery reveals scope of one of North Korea’s most-promoted new projects

Colin Zwirko June 28, 2019

North Korea in May 2019: a month in review and what’s ahead

An analytic look at the main developments of the May 1-May 31 period

NK Pro June 4, 2019

North Korea in March 2019: a month in review and what’s ahead

An analytic look at the main developments of the March 1-March 31 period

Chad O'Carroll| Chloe Joo April 3, 2019

“Unite for the end-of-the-year battle!”: North Korean street propaganda in late 2018

Economic themes continue to dominate as Songun politics take a backseat

Chloe Joo January 11, 2019

After delays, central Pyongyang apartment constructions show sign of progress

Slow progress at two complexes could mean limited efforts to put projects back on track

Chad O'Carroll December 17, 2018

North Korea’s 2018 Foundation Day: the inside story

The DPRK took major steps to sell itself to the world, though big questions remain about its long-term sincerity

Chad O'Carroll October 24, 2018
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