January 27, 2021

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Information related to the North Korean culture and culture in North Korea

Recap: Top moments at North Korea’s Eighth Party Congress

The eight-day-long event went over failures of the last five years and clarified social, economic and military plans

Colin Zwirko January 15, 2021

Packed parking lot suggests North Korean Party Congress is underway: Satellite

Satellite imagery shows a full parking lot at the expected event venue, all while attendees' hotel looked empty

Colin Zwirko January 5, 2021

North Korea in Dec. 2020: A month in review and what’s ahead

An analytical look at the main developments from Dec. 1, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2020

NK Pro January 1, 2021

Timeline: How North Korean propaganda hyped Kim Jong Un in 2020

DPRK propaganda in 2020 spoke to Kim Jong Un’s growing cult of personality and changing leadership style

Martin Weiser December 30, 2020

Activity ramps up in Pyongyang ahead of Party Congress: satellite imagery

Large-scale gatherings held at North Korean capital’s main square and military parade practice grounds on Dec. 24

Colin Zwirko December 25, 2020

North Korea wants to build a huge college campus along Pyongyang’s famous river

Blueprints shown on state TV reveal a university campus slated for prime real estate along the Taedong River

Colin Zwirko December 8, 2020

North Korea is on a crusade against drugs, crime and ‘capitalist culture’

Recent events suggest that North Korea is trying to crack down on markets, foreign influence and "anti-socialist" acts

Peter Ward December 2, 2020

North Korea building ‘youth theaters’ for political rallies, ping-pong and music

Satellite imagery shows progress to theater construction projects, despite ongoing delays at major hospital and resort 

Colin Zwirko November 19, 2020

North Korea in Oct. 2020: A month review and what’s ahead

An analytical look at the main developments from Oct. 1, 2020 to Oct. 31, 2020

NK Pro November 3, 2020

North Korea’s mass games propaganda event ends after mysteriously short run

State media gave little attention this year to mass performances at Pyongyang’s May Day Stadium

Colin Zwirko November 2, 2020
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