February 05, 2023

North Korea Exchange Rate Tracker

What's this?

The North Korea Exchange Rate Tracker is a weekly updating data stream of official exchange rate prices in the capital city of the DPRK, Pyongyang.

Pricing data, in Euros, is gathered from NK Pro trusted sources inside the city on a weekly basis.

Unlike the unofficial exchange rate, which normally hovers around 8,000 WON per USD, the official rate is set by the government and used to calculate hard-currency exchange rates for purchases throughout the DPRK.

Official rates are typically listed in Pyongyang shops, restaurants, hotels and bars when the seller will only accept foreign currency. Foreign currency rates for purchases are calculated from this regularly updated value.

Official DPRK Exchange Rate

Official DPRK Exchange Rate Long-term

Market DPRK Exchange Rate

Market DPRK Exchange Rate Long-term

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