July 10, 2020

Tag: Economy

Information related to the North Korea economic sector

Russian exports to North Korea soared in April, new data shows

In addition to 25,000 tonne food aid shipment, majority of goods related to construction, medicine

Min Chao Choy July 3, 2020

North Korea in June 2020: a month in review and what’s ahead

An analysis of the main developments between June 1 and June 30

NK Pro July 2, 2020

Some progress on long-stalled Pyongyang housing blocks under new campaign

Construction comes as Kim Jong Un shifts propaganda priority to living standards over tourist resorts

Colin Zwirko July 2, 2020

Finnish NGO wins sanctions exemptions to fight food insecurity in North Korea

Finn Church Aid granted exemptions for an estimated $270,000 in aid expenses to help North Hwanghae Province

Kelly Kasulis July 1, 2020

North Korean restaurant in Beijing remains open, despite UN sanctions

Pyongyang Unbangwan is one of at least two DPRK-linked eateries operating in the Chinese capital city

Chad O'Carroll June 26, 2020

Chinese food exports to North Korea rose in May, data shows

PRC sent 73 kinds of food products over the border last month, customs figures show

Min Chao Choy June 26, 2020

North Korea is facing alarming bond issues, but there’s still hope

North Korea's bond issue risks economic ruin, but there's a good chance the blow will be lessened by compromise

Peter Ward June 23, 2020

ANALYSIS: What’s driving increasing North Korean vitriol towards the South?

Indicators suggest Pyongyang wants to elevate a sense of crisis with South Korea. But why?

Chad O'Carroll June 8, 2020

What to expect from Sino-DPRK trade as COVID-19 border measures ease

In Dandong, preparation has been ongoing to resume and expand cross-border exchange

Théo Clément June 3, 2020

Timeline: from Kim Jong Un’s reappearance to an exchange of gunfire at the DMZ

NK Pro timeline charts the key events from May 1 - May 31

NK Pro June 2, 2020
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