July 10, 2020


Peter Ward

Peter Ward is a writer and researcher focusing on the North Korean economy, as well as a PhD candidate at the University of Vienna.


North Korea is facing alarming bond issues, but there’s still hope

North Korea's bond issue risks economic ruin, but there's a good chance the blow will be lessened by compromise

Peter Ward June 23, 2020

Is North Korea privatizing its housing supply? In Rason, partially, yes

2018 regulations, now publicly-available, provide insight as to how similar rules could work in non-SEZ areas

Peter Ward May 26, 2020

North Korea’s changing economy: the view from the markets

Amid a wider crackdown on private activity, it appears there is ongoing discussion on the role of markets in the country

Peter Ward May 13, 2020

Why North Korea’s economy could see a return to rapid inflation soon

News of plans for a government bond issuance suggests major price instability could be on the horizon

Peter Ward May 1, 2020

North Korea’s changing economy: the view from the foreign trade sector

Reform, retrenchment, or continuity? Open source data offers some insights

Peter Ward April 17, 2020

What we can learn from North Korea’s opaque 2019 official economic figures

Aside from a few cherry-picked figures, the lack of numbers suggest the DPRK economy is still struggling to grow

Peter Ward April 15, 2020

Change and consistency in North Korean markets: domestic vs global food prices

Food prices appear to be declining when compared to global benchmarks, which is good news for the average North Korean

Peter Ward April 9, 2020

North Korea’s economy and the coronavirus: current fallout and future unknowns

The DPRK has experienced a supply shock in its food and fuel markets, with greater impact likely further down the line

Peter Ward March 18, 2020

North Korean official claims about child nutrition: what the data shows

Data suggests remarkable improvement since the late 1990s, despite stagnant levels of food supply per capita

Peter Ward February 13, 2020

Kim Jong Un’s claims of a “bumper harvest” in North Korea: what the data shows

Market data indicates food prices remain low and stable, could support DPRK leadership's claims

Peter Ward January 17, 2020
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