November 21, 2019


Peter Ward

Peter Ward is a writer and researcher focusing on the North Korean economy, as well as a PhD candidate at the University of Vienna.


North Korea’s Central Bank: lender, regulator, and inflation fighter

Relatively unimportant before marketization, the Central Bank's rise reflects the increasing power of money in the DPRK

Peter Ward November 14, 2019

Strengthening state control, North Korea partially scraps foreign trade reforms

Recent revisions to Foreign Trade Act point to a rollback of key planks in the Kim Jong Un-era reform agenda

Peter Ward October 29, 2019

This is what sanctions enforcement looks like: maximum pressure and prices

Data reveals the wider impact of an effective oil embargo in late 2017

Peter Ward September 15, 2019

The North Korean oil market: an analysis of the data

Trends indicate fuel prices remain relatively stable and only loosely linked to global prices

Peter Ward August 27, 2019

How the North Korean state could make life easier for the “Donju”

DPRK policymakers have a range of ways to expand opportunities for the entrepreneurial class

Peter Ward July 18, 2019

What to expect at this week’s fifth Kim-Xi summit

Talks in Pyongyang come at a critical time for both sides, though concrete outcomes may be limited

Peter Ward June 18, 2019

The Wonsan-Kumgang zone in comparative perspective: Rason, past and present

While overly-ambitious, the Rason project offers some important lessons for future DPRK SEZs

Peter Ward June 10, 2019

How serious is the food situation in North Korea? The view from the corn market

The data does not indicate that the supply situation has dramatically worsened this year

Peter Ward May 29, 2019

How serious is the food situation in North Korea? The view from the rice market

Open-source data suggests that prices remain at a record low, despite reported shortages

Peter Ward May 23, 2019

The Wonsan-Kumgang zone foreign investment proposals: the view from Europe

Data reveals a surprising degree of profitability, though the usual caveats apply

Peter Ward May 20, 2019
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