April 06, 2020


Peter Ward

Peter Ward is a writer and researcher focusing on the North Korean economy, as well as a PhD candidate at the University of Vienna.


The North Korean financial system under Kim Jong Un: change and diversification

DPRK banking has undergone major structural reforms in the past decade

Peter Ward February 11, 2019

Management and enterprise strategy: a watchword in the North Korean economy today

Firms are increasingly encouraged to advertise their commercial ambitions

Peter Ward January 31, 2019

The North Korean economy in the New Year’s speech: signs of a shifting focus

Examining past addresses offers some hints at changing priorities

Peter Ward January 14, 2019

The New Year’s speech: what it means for the DPRK’s diplomacy and economy

Kim Jong Un's address served to re-emphasize the key themes of his leadership in 2018

Oliver Hotham| Peter Ward January 1, 2019

Death and taxes: the North Korean state revenue system

The state has a range of tools to generate funds from enterprises and individuals

Peter Ward December 20, 2018

The Kwangbok Area Commerce Center: a model for North Korea’s retail future?

A Pyongyang shopping mall offers hints at a long-term state strategy to undercut private markets

Peter Ward December 13, 2018

Daily NK and NK Pro foreign exchange rate data: a tale of two markets?

Taken together, the figures offer a revealing picture of short-term changes in DPRK monetary policy

Peter Ward November 19, 2018

North Korea’s fluctuating exchange rates: space for arbitrage opportunities?

Data suggests the DPRK forex market holds potential for profits, and risks, for individuals and state actors

Peter Ward November 14, 2018

The North Korean economy in October 2018: An overview

The DPRK continues to evince stability and continuity, in spite of continued sanctions and worse than hoped for harvests

Peter Ward November 11, 2018

A North Korea-Cuba summit: why it matters

From economic reform to U.S. sanctions, President Díaz-Canel and Kim Jong Un likely had plenty to discuss

Peter Ward November 7, 2018