April 06, 2020


Peter Ward

Peter Ward is a writer and researcher focusing on the North Korean economy, as well as a PhD candidate at the University of Vienna.


How North Korea’s Foreign Trade Bank sets official exchange rates

Data offers some insights into a notoriously opaque system

Peter Ward November 6, 2018

Nepotism, dysfunction, and corruption: the leader’s complaints about DPRK banking

A 2015 speech contained some frank admissions about the state of the North's finance sector

Peter Ward November 1, 2018

North Korea’s foreign trade system: big players and a gradual opening-up

Recent reforms may be a step towards making DPRK enterprises more competitive on international markets

Peter Ward October 19, 2018

One country, two systems: explaining North Korea’s dual exchange rates

A legacy of the DPRK's past, the current system has some practical benefits

Peter Ward October 12, 2018

Paid in full: North Korea’s changing wage system

Official sources suggest employers have increased freedom to hand out bonuses and benefits

Peter Ward October 1, 2018

Markets under Kim Jong Un: understanding the new scope of DPRK enterprise

Official publications point to a growth in the range of transactions that SOEs can engage in

Peter Ward September 25, 2018

The Pyongyang Joint Declaration: some key takeaways

While missiles will grab headlines, the economic component may prove the most consequential

Peter Ward September 19, 2018

How North Korea fits into China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Obstacles to joining BRI remain despite existing investment relationship

Peter Ward September 6, 2018

North Korean enterprise and collective farm reform: what next?

Property rights will require a major overhaul if the DPRK is to experience any real development

Peter Ward August 13, 2018

Price setting in North Korea: From marketization to institutionalization

Analysis suggests the market has moved from the margins of the DPRK economy to the center

Peter Ward August 6, 2018