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July 22, 2024


Peter Ward

Peter Ward

Peter Ward is a research fellow at the Sejong Institute. His work focuses on North Korean politics, the economy and society. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Vienna.


How North Korea could steal from China’s playbook to assert its maritime claims

Gray zone tactics ranging from air intrusions to cyberattacks enable DPRK to menace near border without firing a shot

Peter WardPeter WardJuly 9, 2024

Contested waters: Why the two Koreas still can’t agree on their maritime border

North Korea has disputed Northern Limit Line since 70s, and its ambiguous legal status could increase conflict risks

Peter WardPeter WardJune 28, 2024

Why North Korea could embrace talks with US to stop the South from going nuclear

Pyongyang doesn’t want another nuke power across the border, and may even prefer a continued US presence on peninsula

Peter WardPeter WardJune 7, 2024

Why banning North Koreans from working abroad may not be in their best interest

Laborers face difficult and unsafe conditions overseas, but many volunteer for chance to earn money and leave the DPRK

Peter WardPeter WardMay 15, 2024

How North Korea tried and failed to reform its economy under each Kim ruler

Regime’s attitude to economic woes has evolved over years, hinting at what could inspire it to consider reform again

Peter WardPeter WardMay 8, 2024

Why some countries welcome North Korean laborers despite the sanctions risks

States evaluate benefits of hosting DPRK workers differently depending on need for labor, costs of punishment and more

Peter WardPeter WardApril 30, 2024

What North Korea stands to gain — and lose — by sending workers overseas

While the earning potential is lucrative for the regime, there are also many risks that come with exporting laborers

Peter WardPeter WardApril 26, 2024

North Korea’s silence on Trump speaks volumes about its view of the US election

State media insists capitalists control the US political system, but regime’s actions betray a desire to resume dialogue

Peter WardPeter WardApril 9, 2024

How North Korea’s obsession with racial purity informs its new stance on South

Kim regime has long claimed ethnic superiority and could use ROK’s multiculturalism to paint it as foreign enemy

Peter WardPeter WardApril 2, 2024

What North Korea’s official budget reveals about its spending priorities in 2024

DPRK figures only capture portion of economy but show large investments in science and little in regional development

Peter WardPeter WardFebruary 21, 2024
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