April 24, 2024


Peter Ward

Peter Ward

Peter Ward is a research fellow at the Sejong Institute. His work focuses on North Korean politics, the economy and society. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Vienna.


North Korea’s silence on Trump speaks volumes about its view of the US election

State media insists capitalists control the US political system, but regime’s actions betray a desire to resume dialogue

Peter WardPeter WardApril 9, 2024

How North Korea’s obsession with racial purity informs its new stance on South

Kim regime has long claimed ethnic superiority and could use ROK’s multiculturalism to paint it as foreign enemy

Peter WardPeter WardApril 2, 2024

What North Korea’s official budget reveals about its spending priorities in 2024

DPRK figures only capture portion of economy but show large investments in science and little in regional development

Peter WardPeter WardFebruary 21, 2024

Survey shows markets reign supreme in the daily lives of North Koreans

Unification ministry’s interviews with DPRK escapees revealed most living outside Pyongyang get no state support

Peter WardPeter WardFebruary 14, 2024

20×10=success? Why Kim Jong Un’s regional development plan may be too ambitious

North Korea seeks to build 200 factories over the next decade, but finding the resources will be easier said than done

Peter WardPeter WardJanuary 31, 2024

A statistical mirage? Scrutinizing North Korea’s claims of economic resurgence

While likely inaccurate, figures showing 12% annual growth may reflect country’s trajectory as it recovers from pandemic

Peter WardPeter WardJanuary 5, 2024

Why China’s military could back North Korea in a conflict on the peninsula

Beijing’s support for DPRK is unlikely to extend to intervention — unless it can divert US in Taiwan contingency

Peter WardPeter WardDecember 11, 2023

From QR codes to the blockchain: Inside North Korea’s digital payment plans

DPRK has pushed to go digital in recent years, a move that could give state greater control over citizens’ finances

Peter WardPeter WardDecember 5, 2023

What North Korea can learn from China’s successful agricultural reforms

DPRK is unlikely to embrace privatization, but China’s experience with co-ops of smaller farmers could serve as a guide

Peter WardPeter WardOctober 27, 2023

A centerpiece of Kim Jong Un’s reforms survives push to reassert state control

Analysis suggests North Korea has not yet abandoned earlier reforms, even as it has reigned in order contract system

Peter WardPeter WardOctober 17, 2023
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