January 20, 2021


Peter Ward

Peter Ward is a writer and researcher focusing on the North Korean economy, as well as a PhD candidate at the University of Vienna.


So far, North Korea’s new economic plan is full of bad signs

State media shared vague details about Party Congress economic reforms that suggest more state control on DPRK markets

Peter Ward January 11, 2021

After suffering major blows, North Korea will reluctantly lean on China in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic appears to have accelerated North Korea’s crackdown on market activities

Peter Ward December 28, 2020

North Korea’s workforce and capital is growing, but the results are still dire

New economic numbers from the Bank of Korea suggest that much of the country’s capital stock has gone to waste

Peter Ward December 9, 2020

North Korea is on a crusade against drugs, crime and ‘capitalist culture’

Recent events suggest that North Korea is trying to crack down on markets, foreign influence and "anti-socialist" acts

Peter Ward December 2, 2020

Kim Jong Un is more worried about a military coup than a people’s revolt

Over the past eight years, the North Korean leader has made several changes to protect himself from a hypothetical coup

Peter Ward November 6, 2020

North Korea’s radically changed currency policy could destabilize the economy

By all indications, the DPRK government is trying to limit the amount of North Korean Won in circulation

Peter Ward November 2, 2020

What the World Food Programme doesn’t know about North Korean agriculture

It's impossible to track North Korea's food production system perfectly, but the WFP is missing several key points

Peter Ward October 19, 2020

What North Korea can do right now to stave off a full-blown economic crisis

Kim Jong Un is dealing with natural disasters, sanctions and COVID-19 — but there are some solutions to consider

Peter Ward September 18, 2020

What North Korea’s abruptly announced five-year plan means for the economy

The last five-year economic plan was suddenly abandoned in 2020, but the DPRK now pledges to draw up a new one

Peter Ward August 21, 2020

North Korea is giving more power to farmers, but not without helping the elite

Major agricultural reforms aim to inspire farmers to produce more food, but not without age-old command and control

Peter Ward August 19, 2020
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