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    Latest NK Pro analysis related to the DPRK

    North Korea’s fluctuating exchange rates: space for arbitrage opportunities?
    05:49 14 November, 2018   Peter Ward

    An NK Pro analysis of North Korean exchange rate data points to a range of arbitrage opportunities for those with access to international forex markets.These opportunities are present in several different areas:Previous NK Pro analysis suggests that th...

    What to make of a new report on N. Korea's undeclared missile operating bases

    On Monday, a group of well-respected North Korea-watchers led by Joseph S. Bermu...

    06:06 13 November, 2018  Ankit Panda
    The North Korean economy in October 2018: An overview

    This analysis provides an overview of the most significant developments in the N...

    22:06 11 November, 2018  Peter Ward
    Traffic, construction continues at controversial North Korean oil facility

    Satellite imagery from Google Earth and Planet Labs in October reveal ongoing co...

    21:47 09 November, 2018  Hamish Macdonald and Leo Byrne
    The 14th Pyongyang Autumn Trade Fair: breaking down the domestic attendance

    This is part one of a two-part series on September's 14th Pyongyang Autumn Inter...

    03:23 09 November, 2018  Hamish Macdonald
    North Korean ship inspections halved in 2018, data shows

    The number of inspections of North Korean ships tumbled in the first 11 months o...

    01:18 09 November, 2018  Leo Byrne
    A North Korea-Cuba summit: why it matters

    The Cuban and North Korean states are close allies on paper, though as of this w...

    09:05 07 November, 2018  Peter Ward
    How North Korea's Foreign Trade Bank sets official exchange rates

    North Korea’s official exchange rate closely tracks international markets. Ex...

    02:47 06 November, 2018  Peter Ward
    Why the U.S. midterm elections matter for North Korea

    In addition to reflecting more local concerns, the upcoming midterm elections sy...

    08:59 05 November, 2018  Jonathan R. Corrado

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