March 04, 2021


Nils Weisensee

Nils Weisensee is Director of News Operations at the Korea Risk Group and covers cyber security for NK News. Prior to that he worked as head of operations at the Choson Exchange NGO and as a reporter for DAPD and the Associated Press.


US hits North Korean hackers back with new details on cryptocurrency theft

Cybersecurity agency aims to disrupt ongoing attacks against finance and energy sectors by DPRK-linked Lazarus Group

Nils Weisensee February 22, 2021

Cybercriminals used NK News content in malware campaign

Researchers warn malicious Word document attempts to steal data from compromised computers

Nils Weisensee February 5, 2021

DPRK-linked hackers continue cyber assault on vaccine researchers

Lazarus Group uses range of malware against pharma industry and governments, but expert warns strategies may shift

Nils Weisensee December 24, 2020

Hackers use fake media domains to trick North Korea researchers

Attackers impersonate reporters at Voice Of America to lure DPRK experts with legal documents out of Pyongyang

Nils Weisensee December 17, 2020

North Korean hackers steal corporate files in attacks against European firms

Lazarus Group reportedly used Tor network to hide tracks after highly persistent social engineering campaign

Nils Weisensee December 16, 2020

North Korea likely paid Russian hackers for access to bank networks

Researchers find link between “malware-as-a-service” providers and DPRK cyber thieves with stolen bitcoins to spend

Nils Weisensee September 17, 2020

Why North Korean cyber attacks will get worse — and US intelligence won’t help

Pyongyang is hurting and uses hackers to ease that pain, but Washington is unlikely to waste its powers on crypto theft

Nils Weisensee September 11, 2020

North Korean hackers use European privacy laws to hide malicious code

Lazarus Group suspected of a social engineering attack that uses GDPR notice on fake job offer sent via LinkedIn

Nils Weisensee August 26, 2020

New malware strain indicates North Korean cyber groups share malicious tools

Security firm sees “malware lineage” across hacking units as U.S. agencies link malicious code variant to DPRK

Nils Weisensee August 20, 2020

North Korean hackers called victims on Whatsapp in bold attack on defense firms

Lazarus Group spent months on risky social engineering campaign to steal sensitive data, researchers found

Nils Weisensee August 14, 2020
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