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Nils Weisensee

Nils Weisensee

Nils Weisensee is Director of News Operations at Korea Risk Group and covers cybersecurity for NK Pro. He previously founded information security firm Frontier Intelligence, served as head of operations at non-profit Choson Exchange, and was a reporter for DAPD and the Associated Press.


Suspected South Korean hackers target North Korea experts with novel malware

DarkHotel group with possible ties to Seoul’s spy agency lures journalist and nonprofit worker using malicious emails

Nils WeisenseeNils WeisenseeJune 28, 2022

Beyond missiles: Why governments aren’t waging info warfare against North Korea

Getting uncensored information into DPRK could drive change, though experts caution not everything possible is advisable

Nils WeisenseeNils WeisenseeJune 20, 2022

Major outage disrupts North Korean websites and email delivery

Several DPRK domains mostly unresponsive in first prolonged disruption to North Korean web services since February

Nils WeisenseeNils WeisenseeMay 20, 2022

North Korean hackers steal ex-intelligence official’s emails in malware attack

DPRK-linked ScarCruft group sends novel malware to journalist after gaining access to former director’s emails

Nils WeisenseeNils WeisenseeApril 1, 2022

Hackers likely helped North Korea build hypersonic missile: UN report

Draft report says DPRK may have obtained technical know-how for advanced weapon through cyberattack

Nils WeisenseeNils WeisenseeFebruary 8, 2022

Experts fear repercussions from ongoing cyberattacks against North Korean IT

Critics say disruptions may interfere with cyber operations against DPRK and reduce North Korean access to foreign media

Nils WeisenseeNils WeisenseeFebruary 4, 2022

New cyberattack hits North Korea after hacker claims responsibility for outages

Researcher says attacks on internet servers are retaliation for DPRK phishing campaign against cybersecurity experts

Nils WeisenseeNils WeisenseeFebruary 3, 2022

New cyberattack targets North Korean foreign ministry; attribution unclear

Denial-of-service campaigns are both inexpensive and likely ineffective as a deterrent, experts say

Nils WeisenseeNils WeisenseeFebruary 2, 2022

North Korean malware uses new trick to avoid analysis and detection

Remote Access Trojan by DPRK-linked Konni hackers encrypts code with secret keys to frustrate cybersecurity researchers

Nils WeisenseeNils WeisenseeJanuary 28, 2022

North Korea defends against third wave of cyberattacks

Pyongyang’s internet connection stays up despite increasingly powerful denial-of-service attacks

Nils WeisenseeNils WeisenseeJanuary 28, 2022
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