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June 21, 2024


Nils Weisensee

Nils Weisensee

Nils Weisensee is Chief Product Officer at Korea Risk Group and covers cybersecurity for NK PRO. He previously founded information security firm Frontier Intelligence, served as head of operations at non-profit Choson Exchange, and was a reporter for DAPD and the Associated Press.


North Korea likely has ‘expertise’ to steal more NFTs to fund regime, US says

New Treasury report on nonfungible tokens highlights illicit finance risks of DPRK cybercrime groups

Nils WeisenseeNils WeisenseeMay 30, 2024

New North Korean cybercrime group demands millions in ransom payments

DPRK-linked hackers compromised defense firm with new malware before demanding unusually high payout, Microsoft says

Nils WeisenseeNils WeisenseeMay 29, 2024

North Korean hackers target DPRK experts and media in new phishing attacks

Security firm finds ScarCruft cybercriminals used signature malware and will likely do so again in future campaigns

Nils WeisenseeNils Weisensee | Shreyas ReddyJanuary 22, 2024

North Korean hackers break into US software firms in latest supply chain hack

Spear-phishing remains tactic of choice as Lazarus group targets JumpCloud systems and GitHub users

Nils WeisenseeNils WeisenseeJuly 21, 2023

North Korean hackers target NK Pro readers with malicious websites, emails, docs

Kimsuky group aims to access subscriber content and gather intelligence with new phishing campaign, researchers find

Nils WeisenseeNils WeisenseeJune 6, 2023

North Korean hackers target defectors and journalists with new recon malware

Kimsuky threat group’s campaign seeks to collect information for ‘subsequent precision attacks,’ researchers say

Nils WeisenseeNils WeisenseeMay 23, 2023

North Korean hackers target experts and journalists with advanced recon malware

Researchers say BabyShark variant discovered in email to NK Pro reporter can gather info to facilitate precision attacks


Hacked videoconferencing firm 3CX says North Korea behind massive intrusion

Company cites researchers’ ‘high confidence’ that DPRK target MacOS and Windows with malware and took control of devices

Nils WeisenseeNils WeisenseeApril 12, 2023

North Korea lost internet shortly before short-range missile test, logs show

Cause of outage unclear, though key network indicators suggest the DPRK couldn’t access external websites either

Ethan JewellEthan Jewell | Nils WeisenseeNovember 18, 2022

Seoul to adopt offensive cybersecurity strategy as North Korean threats increase

National Security Office official says South Korea late to improving cyber deterrence and will emulate US Cyber Command

Ifang BremerIfang Bremer | Nils WeisenseeSeptember 20, 2022
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