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    Russian fuel exports to North Korea hit yearly highs in December: UN data
    22:12 18 February, 2019   Leo Byrne

    Russian oil product exports to North Korea jumped to yearly highs at the end of 2018, doubling shipments from the previous month and outpacing any reported Chinese export over the 12-month period.The shipments nearly hit 7000 tonnes in December, a major incre...

    North Korean exports to China plummeted in 2018, hit lowest levels in decades: data

    Chinese imports from North Korea in 2018 dropped to their lowest levels in 17 y...

    01:43 14 February, 2019  Leo Byrne
    Value of Russian fuel exports to North Korea climbed in November: data

    The value of Russia's fuel exports to North Korea increased between October and ...

    22:09 11 February, 2019  Leo Byrne
    Kim Jong Un seen with new Mercedes-Maybach S 600 in recent appearance

    Kim Jong Un appears to have obtained a new Mercedes-Maybach luxury sedan, video ...

    10:26 08 February, 2019  Chad O'Carroll and Colin Zwirko
    Pyongyang petrol prices fall to lowest levels since April 2017: data

    The cost of petrol paid by foreigners in North Korea's capital city Pyongyang dr...

    21:53 30 January, 2019  Hamish Macdonald
    North Korea seeking int'l participants for three trade fairs in 2019: brochure

    North Korea is seeking international participants for three trade fairs to be he...

    04:25 30 January, 2019  Chad O'Carroll
    U.S.-designated North Korean tanker arrives in Vladivostok

    A North Korean oil tanker currently under U.S. sanctions appeared in the Russian...

    22:32 29 January, 2019  Leo Byrne
    Russian fuel exports to North Korea remain high in winter months

    Russian supplies of oil to the DPRK remained comparatively high in November, tho...

    17:58 23 January, 2019  Leo Byrne
    Chinese oil exports to North Korea climb in November: UN data

    China's reported fuel exports to North Korea rose to yearly highs in November, d...

    18:36 21 January, 2019  Leo Byrne

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