June 02, 2020


Information related to companies trading in and out of North Korea


Construction resumes on China-North Korea island EDZ: satellite imagery

New work may be part of joint initiative with Chinese companies, comes despite sanctions and COVID-19 restrictions

Colin Zwirko June 1, 2020

Sanctions exemption needed before North Korean firms do business in South: MOU

Seoul dismisses claims that planned revision of inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation Act would breach UN sanctions

Jeongmin Kim June 1, 2020

Mozambique denies North Korea sanctions violations, defends medical cooperation

Almost 100 DPRK doctors remain in country, Maputo says in first UN sanctions report, though all agreements suspended

Colin Zwirko May 26, 2020

What the latest U.S. sanctions advisory means for North Korean operations at sea

Expected action by industry players will likely further isolate the DPRK from access to international shipping

Min Chao Choy May 21, 2020

"May 24" sanctions no longer a barrier to inter-Korean cooperation: MOU

South Korean official admits that unilateral sanctions have "lost their effect"

Chad O'Carroll May 20, 2020

Nigeria deported ten North Koreans ahead of 2019 worker ban deadline: report

Abuja claims sanctions compliance in first implementation report to UN on recent years’ measures

Colin Zwirko May 19, 2020

Pyongyang to send tourist electric carts to delayed Wonsan-Kalma resort

New vehicles reportedly domestically produced, following North Korean leader's recent appearances using Chinese models

Colin Zwirko May 13, 2020

North Korean online trading portal offers escrow payment system to users

Jagangryok intranet service appears to be first to offer escrow payments in DPRK

Chad O'Carroll May 8, 2020

Panmunjom tours could be possible again from June: Minister of Unification

Seven-month border closure has created significant problems for South Korean tour providers

Chad O'Carroll May 7, 2020

Why North Korea's economy could see a return to rapid inflation soon

News of plans for a government bond issuance suggests major price instability could be on the horizon

Peter Ward May 1, 2020
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