April 09, 2020

Foreign Relations

Information related to the North Korea’s foreign relations


Russia's reported oil exports to North Korea drop in January: data

Refined petroleum exports to DPRK from Russia down more than 65 percent compared to same month last year

Jacob Fromer April 8, 2020

Destination Pyongyang: the Yodo hijacking incident, 50 years on

Much remains unknown about this bizarre tale of Cold War intrigue, misguided radicalism, and North Korean opportunism

Andrei Lankov April 7, 2020

North Korea's "increasingly sophisticated" nuclear program threatens U.S.: DOD

Pentagon cites deterrence against North Korea in its "rationale" for U.S. nuclear arsenal

Jacob Fromer April 7, 2020

North Korea, a month in review - NKNews Podcast Ep.122

Caroline Kearney talks us through some of the most important developments in March — and what to expect in April

NK News April 7, 2020

Countries must "clarify" sanctions won't block COVID-19 aid to North Korea: EU

Banks remain reluctant to help aid groups, top European Commission official says

Jacob Fromer April 6, 2020

In fight over COVID-19 aid to North Korea, sanctions relief now seems inevitable

Calls for economic pressure to continue will be difficult to maintain should the situation in the DPRK worsen

Anthony V. Rinna April 6, 2020

China's flour exports to North Korea remain high in January and February: data

More than 37,000 tons of reported flour exports were among the highest for any two-month period in last three years

Jacob Fromer April 3, 2020

ROK-U.S. cost-sharing talks: what's at stake in the battle between the allies

Amid broader efforts to get allies to pay more, a U.S. deal with South Korea could affect deals with Germany and Japan

Jonathan R. Corrado April 3, 2020

North Korea’s 1970s Hallyu: socialist spectaculars in the Third World

Kim Il Sung deployed art troupes as a way to spread his version of socialism and deepen diplomatic ties

Benjamin R. Young April 3, 2020

U.S. official calls on North Korea to release religious prisoners amid pandemic

Religious Freedom Ambassador Brownback expresses concern for religious minorities in the DPRK's “gulag system”

Min Chao Choy April 2, 2020
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