November 21, 2019

Foreign Relations

Information related to the North Korea’s foreign relations

N. Korea set to name new ambassador to Iran as two seek to expand economic ties 

Former ambassador Kang Sam Hyon left in September after almost 5 years in Tehran

Colin Zwirko November 21, 2019

Kim Jong Un will not attend upcoming ASEAN summit, North Korean state media says

North Korean leader has rejected President Moon's invitation to ROK-ASEAN meeting set to kick off next Monday: KCNA

Colin Zwirko November 21, 2019

How North Korea is becoming a 2020 U.S. presidential campaign issue

Democratic candidates have criticized Trump's meetings with Kim, despite taking vague positions themselves

Pratik Chougule November 21, 2019

Top North Korean, Russian diplomats agree to expand strategic cooperation: KCNA

First vice minister Choe Son Hui currently in Moscow for several rounds of talks with local counterparts

Oliver Hotham November 21, 2019

Window "still open" for a deal with North Korea, Biegun tells U.S. Senators

Top envoy to DPRK says his promotion to Deputy Secretary of State will bring "higher stature" to the issue

Jacob Fromer November 20, 2019

Top North Korean diplomat set to hold "strategic dialogue" in Moscow

Kremlin may present DPRK with new Sino-Russian proposal for "settlement" of Korean security issues, minister says

Oliver Hotham November 20, 2019

Why a break-in at the U.S. Ambassador's residence reflects a strained alliance

The protest from "progressive" South Korean students comes amid controversial U.S.-ROK defense cost-sharing negotiations

Dennis P. Halpin November 19, 2019

Looking ahead: prospects for North Korea-U.S. relations

Amid a flurry of statements by DPRK officials, NK Pro analysts examine whether diplomacy can get back on track

Sweden no longer needed to mediate North Korea-U.S. talks: DPRK diplomat

Kim Myong Gil urges Stockholm not to act like a "back-seat driver" in nuclear negotiators

Oliver Hotham November 19, 2019

Bringing Slovenian avant-garde rock to the DPRK - NKNews Podcast Ep.103

Morten Traavik and Mary Sun Kim discuss Laibach's 2015 concert in Pyongyang and navigating North Korean censorship

NK News November 19, 2019
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