October 24, 2020


Information related to the North Korean missile program

North Korea accuses South Korea of an ‘evil scheme’ after US-ROK defense meeting

DPRK state media said that Washington and Seoul’s joint military exercises are “foul,” calling them “war practices”

Jeongmin Kim October 20, 2020

US and South Korea call North Korea’s new ICBM a ‘significant threat’

Top defense officials from Seoul and Washington stressed the need to “dismantle” Pyongyang’s growing missile program

Jeongmin Kim October 15, 2020

Pompeo: DPRK-US diplomacy 'absolutely' successful despite North Korea's new ICBM

Pompeo points to lack of long-range North Korean missile testing as an indicator of success

Chad O'Carroll October 14, 2020

The ‘80-day battle’ until 2021: What’s next for North Korea this year

Kim Jong Un's focus may seem like it's on the economy, but it's really on his new ICBM and the White House, experts say

Jeongmin Kim October 14, 2020

Missiles, guns and camo: A look at North Korea’s entire military parade lineup

With a rapidly-transforming threat looming in the DPRK, who knows what will be on display a decade from now?

Joost Oliemans | Stijn Mitzer October 13, 2020

Missiles galore: North Korea's post-parade prognosis — NKNews Podcast Ep.150

NK News reporters Jeongmin Kim, Colin Zwirko and Min Chao Choy discuss the Oct. 10 military parade in Pyongyang

NK News October 12, 2020

‘Destroy the US’ slogans removed for North Korea’s latest military parade

Kim Jong Un may have made positive gestures towards U.S. by removing slogans and avoiding direct mention of Washington

Colin Zwirko October 12, 2020

Apologies, tears and a ‘war deterrent’: Top quotes from Kim Jong Un’s speech

The North Korean leader’s Oct. 10 speech focused on the country’s resilience in the face of many “hardships”

Jeongmin Kim October 12, 2020

Photos: North Korea’s cinematic military parade was both high-tech and emotional

North Korea deployed new settings, new editing techniques and more to put together a “new genre” of state TV broadcasts

Min Chao Choy October 12, 2020

Infographic: North Korean parade reveals more new military tech than ever before

More new military equipment introduced at October 10 parade than any other parade in recent DPRK history

Joost Oliemans | Stijn Mitzer October 11, 2020
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