March 04, 2021


Conversations with leading experts and professionals working on the DPRK

‘I didn’t even get to say goodbye’: South Koreans remember Kaesong’s sudden end

Five years ago, the Kaesong Industrial Complex shut down and sent thousands of North and South Koreans packing

Jeongmin Kim February 10, 2021

Decades later, a once-divided Germany still holds lessons for Korean peace

Bernhard Seliger of the Hanns Seidel Foundation weighs in on how North and South Korea can reconcile

NK News December 22, 2020

How Biden can avoid past mistakes and make progress with North Korea

Historian A.B. Abrams’ new book, “Immovable Object,” looks at the last 75 years of U.S.-DPRK relations

NK News December 7, 2020

Photos document North Korean defectors’ struggle to forge a new life

A new photo book called "Unperson" explores the lives and memories of North Korean escapees now living in the South

NK News December 2, 2020

How Trump handled North Korean human rights — and what Biden will do differently

Robert King, former special envoy for North Korean human rights, spoke frankly about the last four years and the future

NK News December 1, 2020

Luxury, but little sex appeal: How Kim Jong Un is transforming North Korean pop

Music professor Keith Howard’s new book digs into how North Korean songs have changed under various Kims

Luz Ding November 26, 2020

‘Laugh, cry and be angry’: New film depicts life in North Korea’s prison camps

"True North" retells the horrors of North Korean human rights abuses through narrative fiction and animation

Oliver Jia November 15, 2020

‘A long history of failures’: How past US presidents handled North Korea’s nukes

As Biden prepares for the White House, a former US defense secretary weighs in on past leaders' successes and failures

NK News November 13, 2020

Fat jokes and political satire: A look at DPRK humor in ‘Laughing North Koreans’

Immanuel Kim’s new book on the history of North Korean comedy films reveals what’s funny — and what isn’t — in the DPRK

Luz Ding September 2, 2020

“Kim Jong Un and the Bomb”: how to live with a nuclear North Korea

Ahead of the release of his new book, analyst Ankit Panda discusses diplomacy, deterrence, and the DPRK's future

Oliver Hotham June 25, 2020
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