September 25, 2020


Information related to North Korea’s leadership and leadership structures

Why North Korea will be a chronic headache for Japan’s new prime minister

The future of Japan-DPRK relations are uncertain in a post-Abe era and experts say Suga has little leverage to work with

Oliver Jia September 24, 2020

Kim Jong Un secretly visited ICBM launcher factory weeks after Singapore summit

Evidence shows that Kim toured sites involved in the first test of a nuclear weapon capable of hitting U.S. mainland

Colin Zwirko September 24, 2020

Hope is not lost: President Biden might actually make progress on North Korea

Many see Joe Biden only as “strategic patience.” But if elected, he may take things in an entirely different direction.

James Fretwell September 23, 2020

North Korea renovates key missile launcher factory ahead of big military parade

Renovations at March 16 Factory accelerated in summer 2020, spurred by Kim Jong Un’s visit a year earlier

Colin Zwirko September 22, 2020

North Korea says it will reward skill — not seniority — in its party officials

Rodong Sinmun stressed that officials’ abilities matter more than seniority, signaling potential reshuffle in Jan. 2021

Jeongmin Kim September 22, 2020

North Koreans cry tears of joy over their new ‘socialist fairyland’ homes

After destructive floods, state media ran propaganda photos of citizens getting housing papers and vowing to grow crops

Jeongmin Kim September 18, 2020

Why Japan’s new prime minister won’t last — especially on North Korea issues

Yoshihide Suga may have big dreams for Japan-DPRK relations, but he won’t be able to pull them off all by himself

Yeo Hyun-jun September 17, 2020

North Korea upgrades security at Kim Jong Un’s giant Pyongyang mansion complex

Satellite imagery also shows construction of new luxury hilltop facilities along the Taedong River

Colin Zwirko September 17, 2020

After a spike in tensions, Seoul says North Korea cooperates ‘in its own way’

Unification minister’s contentious remarks come as North and South reach two-years since a key military agreement

Jeongmin Kim September 16, 2020

October surprise? What to expect from North Korea ahead of the 2020 US election

Precedent suggests that Pyongyang is likely to take wait-and-see posture and act later

Chad O'Carroll September 15, 2020
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