November 21, 2019


Information related to North Korea’s leadership and leadership structures

Kim Jong Un will not attend upcoming ASEAN summit, North Korean state media says

North Korean leader has rejected President Moon's invitation to ROK-ASEAN meeting set to kick off next Monday: KCNA

Colin Zwirko November 21, 2019

After the Hanoi summit, a hyper-securitization process underway in Pyongyang?

A range of incidents, trends, and policies have emerged which suggest DPRK authorities wish to sharply bolster control

Chad O'Carroll November 21, 2019

Looking ahead: prospects for North Korea-U.S. relations

Amid a flurry of statements by DPRK officials, NK Pro analysts examine whether diplomacy can get back on track

Swiss robotics appear at new North Korean factory in potential sanctions breach

ABB products were previously found by a UN panel to have been acquired by the DPRK without company’s knowledge

Colin Zwirko November 19, 2019

In on-the-spot visit, Kim Jong Un slams military officials for mismanagement

Tour of August 25 Fishery Station sees DPRK leader criticize defense ministry, KPA for delays in construction work

Kim Jong Un guides second round of training exercises by North Korean air force

DPRK leader hails "brave" sharpshooters of the Korean People's Army, urges them to become an "invincible" force

Oliver Hotham November 17, 2019

Kim Jong Un attends flight contest by North Korea's "invincible" air force: KCNA

"Combat Flight Contest-2019" comes amid growing DPRK complaints over upcoming ROK-U.S. air drills

Oliver Hotham November 15, 2019

Kim Jong Un expresses concerns over December opening of hot springs resort

In sixth visit to the Yangdok resort, North Korean leader points to “shortcomings” in progress

Colin Zwirko November 14, 2019

The "silent war": Kim Jong Un's battle for North Korean hearts and minds

The DPRK leader needs economic development, but too much openness risks the ideological corruption of the people

Jonathan R. Corrado November 13, 2019

Bow to the leader: a history of North Korea's iconic and ubiquitous Kim statues

Statues began being erected in the late 1960s, and continue to be sites of mandatory pilgrimage to this day

Andrei Lankov November 11, 2019
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