July 10, 2020


Information related to North Korea’s leadership and leadership structures

North Korean leader's sister rules out another "useless" summit with U.S.

Kim Yo Jong hails good relations between Kim and Trump, but says change in U.S. attitude required

Colin Zwirko July 9, 2020

The inter-Korean leaflet launch saga: winners and losers

Kim Jong Un succeeded in communicating the North's frustration, while Moon Jae-in's inter-Korean efforts lie in tatters

Wang Son-taek July 9, 2020

Six months since border closures, fears of COVID-19 mount in North Korea

Analysis suggests that the DPRK is likely trying to minimize the spread of existing outbreaks

Chad O'Carroll July 8, 2020

"Becoming Kim Jong Un": a former CIA officer's limited insights into North Korea

A new book offers interesting insights, but falls flat in explaining a better way to deal with the enigmatic regime

Glyn Ford July 8, 2020

What the re-emergence of Kim Yong Chol could mean for North Korean policymaking

Given the hardline official's past provocations, putting him back in play offers hints at Kim Jong Un's thinking

Trump interested in another summit with Kim, says North Koreans “want to meet”

Comments follow North Korea's repeated explicit rejection of further talks with the U.S. in recent days

Colin Zwirko July 8, 2020

Kim Jong Un visits grandfather's mausoleum on death anniversary

Visit follows conspicuous absence from Kumsusan Palace in April, comes amid heightened COVID-19 measures

Colin Zwirko July 7, 2020

North Korea's July Politburo meeting: what was discussed and why it matters

The meeting's main focus was COVID-19, but it appears a number of promotions were made as well

Martin Weiser July 6, 2020

North Korea has no interest in more talks with the U.S., senior diplomat says

First vice foreign minister says Pyongyang now unwavering in plan to deal with "long-term threat" from Washington

Oliver Hotham July 4, 2020

South Korea reshuffles top officials dealing with North Korea

Moon appoints new unification minister, NIS chief, and national security adviser following spat with North

Jeongmin Kim July 3, 2020
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