July 10, 2020


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"Selfish": South Koreans weigh in on cross-border leaflet launches

Speaking to NK News, local residents blame defector-activists for worsening inter-Korean relations

Kelly Kasulis July 5, 2020

Activist group launches balloons containing bibles towards North Korea

Despite recent inter-Korean tensions, Voice of Martyrs conducts discrete balloon launch adjacent to inter-Korean border

Chad O'Carroll June 25, 2020

A journey across the globe to remember the Korean War - NKNews Podcast Ep.134

Hannah Y. Kim discusses traveling to twenty-six countries to meet and interview veterans of the Korean War

NK News June 23, 2020

"Traitors" and "dogs": a brief history of North Korean leaflets in the South

North Korea has been sending anti-South leaflets over the border for years, and plans to send millions more very soon

Kelly Kasulis June 22, 2020

As expat community in North Korea shrinks, new arrivals are suspended

Hardliners in Pyongyang may be working to limit the number of resident foreigners, sources say

Chad O'Carroll June 22, 2020

Despite rising inter-Korean tensions, South Korean indifference in border area

On North Korean side of border, life also appears to continue as normal – with few signs of military presence


UNFPA wins North Korea sanctions exemptions to tackle reproductive emergencies

UN agency set to import ultrasound machines, operating tables, midwifery kits, and other kit into the DPRK

Kelly Kasulis June 17, 2020

Inter-Korean tensions: Live from Yeonpyeong-do - NKNews Podcast Ep.133

Jacco joins NK News staff for a live recording aboard a ferry returning from two days in Yeonpyeong-do

NK News June 14, 2020

New learning apps hint at growing digital education industry in North Korea

New learning software featured in DPRK state media helps children learn English or study math

Kelly Kasulis June 12, 2020

On a remote South Korean island, North Korean trash washes ashore

Bright and colorful DPRK food and drinks wrappers are easy to find on South Korean island

Chad O'Carroll June 12, 2020
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