December 05, 2020


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Seoul ‘anti-leaflet’ bill moves forward with heavy fines and years in prison

Lawmakers clash as bill passes first step on Wednesday, with dissenters calling it “evil” and “excessive”

Won-Gi Jung December 2, 2020

Giant octopus slide? North Korea shows off new, colorful ‘socialist villages’

See the photos: North Korean state TV is airing propaganda about newly-built housing communities and partying residents

Won-Gi Jung December 1, 2020

Two weeks on, North Korea still hasn’t said a word about Biden or the elections

Experts can only guess why the DPRK is silent, but history shows that Pyongyang handled past elections very differently

Colin Zwirko | Jeongmin Kim November 24, 2020

Photos: Pyongyang's golden trees show North Korean autumn in full bloom

Russia's embassy in the DPRK shared photos of this year's fall season — and at a time when tourists can't enter the DPRK

NK News November 6, 2020

North Korean fishermen lead dangerous lives as the 'avant-garde of capitalism'

A North Korean defector recalls the good old days of profiting off unregulated waters as he casts his line in the South

Andrei Lankov November 5, 2020

North Korean fears over COVID-19 on full display at Panmunjom reopening ceremony

To protect against COVID-19, North Korean military wears gas masks and raincoats when outside of Panmun Hall

Chad O'Carroll November 4, 2020

Pro-North Korea newspaper in Japan monetizes website with paywall

Paywall system will limit reach of publication, but could spark sanctions concerns

Chad O'Carroll November 4, 2020

North Korea warns workers about COVID-19, boosts domestic face mask production

State media says workers are being taught about COVID-19 sanitization and factories are upping face mask production

Won-Gi Jung November 2, 2020

Two years later, spy charges against French man with DPRK ties remain unclear

Nov. 2020 marks two years since Benoît Quennedey, a French civil servant, was arrested for espionage

Sophie Lamotte November 2, 2020

Bob Woodward’s ‘Rage’ reveals more about Trump than North Korea

The book is addictive, but misses key historical events in its retelling of what happened between the US and North Korea

Glyn Ford October 29, 2020
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