September 25, 2020


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Kim Yo Jong, gender roles and office life: What it’s like ‘Being in North Korea’

Author Andray Abrahamian sheds light on everyday North Korean life after visiting the country on and off for years

NK News September 23, 2020

Mystery solved: Twitter users identify Kim Jong Un's Swiss disinfectant wipes

Blurry state media images show Kim Jong Un using Swiss sanitizer products in place of domestic DPRK alternatives

Chad O'Carroll September 22, 2020

‘The most colorful city I’ve ever been to’: New map explores Pyongyang design

A critic and photographer documents North Korean architecture in a rare, independently-produced travel guide 

Min Chao Choy September 15, 2020

'Lonely' and 'paranoid': Living under constant watch as an expat in North Korea

Life in Pyongyang is what you make of it, but living under never-ending surveillance can be hard to cope with

NK News September 10, 2020

Letter: Kim Jong Un described failed Hanoi summit as 'moment of glory' to Trump

Publication of contents from letters could complicate further DPRK-U.S. diplomacy

Chad O'Carroll September 9, 2020

Overfished: Why North Korea leaves behind ‘ghost ships’ and turns a blind eye

The world’s fish supply is in critical danger, and strange economic constraints are making things worse for North Korea

Andrei Lankov September 8, 2020

Deported North Korean ship returns to Russia and gets stranded on the beach

Typhoon Maysak drove the “Kalma 2” ship to Russian shores just one year after it was deported for illegal poaching

Min Chao Choy September 7, 2020

Fat jokes and political satire: A look at DPRK humor in 'Laughing North Koreans'

Immanuel Kim’s new book on the history of North Korean comedy films reveals what’s funny — and what isn’t — in the DPRK

Luz Ding September 2, 2020

North Korea not sending spy messages via Youtube channel, researcher says

YouTube channel at heart of Yonhap story is actually run from Mexico, Martyn Williams says

Chad O'Carroll August 29, 2020

North Korean insurance company data quietly signals economic recovery

Data from five insurance firms all show big improvement to performance, with one even reversing a bad downturn

Martin Weiser August 28, 2020
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