November 21, 2019


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After the Hanoi summit, a hyper-securitization process underway in Pyongyang?

A range of incidents, trends, and policies have emerged which suggest DPRK authorities wish to sharply bolster control

Chad O'Carroll November 21, 2019

Senate confirmation hearing for North Korea envoy Biegun set for Wednesday

The U.S. Special Representative for North Korea was nominated for the State Department's number-two position last month

Jacob Fromer November 18, 2019

130+ traffic education parks built across North Korea since 2016: imagery

What’s driving the construction, and is the DPRK preparing to become a car-owning society?

Colin Zwirko November 18, 2019

Trump says Kim Jong Un must "act quickly" to get a deal done

U.S. President's tweet follows Pentagon announcement that upcoming joint military drills with South Korea are postponed

Jacob Fromer November 17, 2019

After DPRK insult, Biden campaign says "repugnant dictators" threatened by ex-VP

Campaign statement comes after North Korean state media referred to former U.S. Vice President as a "rabid dog"

Jacob Fromer November 15, 2019

Stop sharing sensitive photos on social media, North Korea warns diplomats

Foreign envoys sharing imagery with "impure intentions" DPRK foreign ministry complains

Oliver Hotham November 14, 2019

New photo reveals two-tier pricing system on DPRK’s Pyongyang-Hyangsan highway

Costs of up to 14.40 euros to traverse the full length of the highway, photo indicates

Chad O'Carroll November 11, 2019

Rising sea levels could inundate North Korea's Sinuiju by 2050, new study shows

New data projections show “hundreds of thousands” of North Koreans live in areas vulnerable to major flooding

Jacob Fromer November 6, 2019

Malicious code found in DPRK-linked media website

Attack script was quickly removed, South Korean security firm said

Chad O'Carroll November 4, 2019

Two Korean mountain jaunts: near but worlds apart

A veteran North Korea watcher recalls two formative hikes he wrote about in the 1980s, on opposite sides of the DMZ

Aidan Foster-Carter October 31, 2019
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