March 04, 2021


In-depth, investigative journalism on North Korea

Two women accuse North Korean defector-poet Jang Jin-sung of rape

Prominent "Dear Leader" author denies allegations of rape, blackmail and sexual coercion

Jeongmin Kim | Kelly Kasulis | Won-Gi Jung February 16, 2021

One year of COVID-19: When will North Korea reopen its borders?

North Korea will likely maintain its lockdown until 2022 – and thousands of ordinary people will suffer as a result

Chad O'Carroll January 29, 2021

‘The sky was falling’: Why this company sold coats illegally made in North Korea

A Seoul clothing firm said it was duped into using DPRK labor and had no choice but to sell sanctions-violating garb

Jeongmin Kim December 23, 2020

Crossing the line: Has North Korea’s biggest foe finally gone too far?

Defector-activist Park Sang-hak has long stirred controversy, but political winds may no longer be blowing in his favor

Max Kim July 31, 2020

Left behind: despite détente, six South Koreans remain imprisoned in the North

Convicted of espionage and effectively abandoned by Seoul, it's unclear whether any will ever return home

North Korea may have planned to acquire two Russian planes, despite sanctions

Aircraft in partial Air Koryo livery linked to Russian firm with history dealing to North Korea and small Kyrgyz airline

Colin Zwirko June 30, 2020

Some British nationals experience U.S. visa rejections after North Korea visits

Among those from various countries who are approved, some encounter issues including lengthy interviews at the border

Singaporean implicated in luxury exports has longtime North Korea connections

Jordan Cheang owned Benata Business Centre and supermarkets, prior interviews show

Chad O'Carroll | Min Chao Choy April 29, 2020

Not-for-profit was targeted in U.S. sanctions investigation, sparking NGO fears

"Funds meant for humanitarian support were instead spent on lawyers"

Chad O'Carroll February 5, 2020

How a massive influx of Chinese visitors is changing North Korean tourism

Business is booming, but cultural and logistical issues have meant the new prosperity is a mixed blessing

Chad O'Carroll November 1, 2019
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