August 13, 2020

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Colin Zwirko

Colin Zwirko is an NK News correspondent based in Seoul.

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IFRC aid reaches flooded North Korean town as state media touts relief efforts

Over 800 homes were flooded or destroyed in Unpha county in severe storms last week

Colin Zwirko August 12, 2020

South Korean province plans to send aid to North Korea despite failed attempts

UN approved a sanctions exemption for Gyeonggi province to deliver greenhouse materials to S. Phyongan, Nampho

Colin Zwirko August 11, 2020

'Fatherly Love': State media sings praises for Kim Jong Un amid flood response

Emotional interviews and ceremonies reach the big screen as Kim responds to North Korean worries over COVID-19, flooding

Colin Zwirko August 10, 2020

Gathering held in locked-down North Korean city as aid arrives from Pyongyang

Kim Jong Un ordered aid in a special meeting his week, as state media still yet to report any confirmed COVID-19 cases

Colin Zwirko August 8, 2020

North Korean leader visits site of major flood damage after days of storms

Hundreds of homes damaged or destroyed in one county south of Pyongyang, state media reports

Colin Zwirko August 6, 2020

South Korea to donate $10 million in food aid to North Korea

The World Food Programme is set to deliver the aid, while the South tries to move cross-border infrastructure forward

Colin Zwirko August 6, 2020

UN: Angola deported 296 North Korean workers, some after sanctions deadline

Angola also says it has terminated a medical cooperation agreement with the DPRK

Colin Zwirko August 5, 2020

In new aid order, Kim Jong Un signals extended lockdown in Kaesong over COVID-19

North Korean leader also raised party personnel issues in meeting of top officials on Wednesday

Colin Zwirko August 5, 2020

North Korea issues red alert over heavy rains and alludes to possible flooding

State television reported that around 500mm of rainfall has hit certain regions since Saturday

Colin Zwirko August 3, 2020

North Koreans ‘still not awake’ to the dangers of COVID-19, state media says

Steep uptick in coverage of domestic coronavirus measures follows complete lockdown of Kaesong City

Colin Zwirko July 31, 2020
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