September 26, 2020

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Colin Zwirko

Colin Zwirko is a Senior Analytic Correspondent for NK News based in Seoul. Follow him on Twitter @ColinZwirko.

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Kim Jong Un secretly visited ICBM launcher factory weeks after Singapore summit

Evidence shows that Kim toured sites involved in the first test of a nuclear weapon capable of hitting U.S. mainland

Colin Zwirko September 24, 2020

North Koreans are drying corn — and you can literally see it from outer space

Satellite images show this year’s grain drying season, which is especially important after recent typhoons and floods

Colin Zwirko September 21, 2020

Kim Jong Un himself ordered state TV to loosen up with rare typhoon broadcasts 

Kim told KCTV to break protocol and air special warnings and on-the-ground updates during recent typhoons, TV chief says

Colin Zwirko September 14, 2020

Kim Jong Un praises old flood recovery project as success of newer campaign

Satellite imagery shows village reconstruction started in June, as state media on Tuesday presented it as more recent

Colin Zwirko September 14, 2020

Kim Jong Un satisfied with housing construction efforts for flood victims: KCNA

North Korean leader Kim makes second visit to Unpha county after severe flooding in early August

Colin Zwirko September 11, 2020

Food shortages expected after wettest summer in North Korea for decades: report

GEOGLAM report sounds alarm on upcoming harvest season, using satellite imagery and advanced geographical models

Colin Zwirko September 11, 2020

Kim Jong Un holds military meeting on typhoon after thousands of homes destroyed

Central Military Commission meeting reportedly only covered Typhoon Maysak, ignoring this week's Typhoon Haishen

Colin Zwirko September 8, 2020

Typhoon Haishen: North Korea hit hard by third typhoon in three weeks

Typhoon made its way up North Korea's east coast on Monday, causing flooding and major damages, state TV reported

Colin Zwirko September 7, 2020

North Korea once again touts its national space program and satellite launches 

Pyongyang is increasingly promoting its space sector, possibly hinting at another planned launch in the near future

Colin Zwirko September 7, 2020

'Dozens' of typhoon casualties in North Korean city blamed on local officials

Wonsan and Kangwon officials to see "strong punishment" after meeting chaired by Central Committee authorities

Colin Zwirko September 4, 2020
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