March 04, 2021

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Colin Zwirko

Colin Zwirko is a Senior Analytic Correspondent for NK News based in Seoul. Follow him on Twitter @ColinZwirko.

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Kim Jong Un pushes for ‘full-scale’ economic development across North Korea

DPRK leader orders city and county leaders to improve the local economy and increase political discipline

Colin Zwirko March 3, 2021

North Korea adopts ‘import disinfection’ law to boost trade amid pandemic

New laws on social security and east coast land development also passed by Supreme People’s Assembly

Colin Zwirko March 3, 2021

North Korea replaces iconic newspaper stands with interactive touchscreen

North Koreans can now digitally read news as they wait for the train at one metro station in Pyongyang

Colin Zwirko March 3, 2021

Russian man exits North Korea on hand-pushed trolley, calls it ‘big adventure’

Diplomat refuted “negative comments” about how N. Korea treated his peers after eight Russians left the DPRK last week

Colin Zwirko March 1, 2021

Ex-US marine recounts the day he ‘staged’ a North Korean Embassy raid in 2019

New court documents reveal the testimony of Christopher Ahn, who faces possible extradition to Spain

Colin Zwirko February 24, 2021

North Korea and Thailand are cozying up after sanctions choked their friendship

Officials from both countries met in Bangkok last week, years after U.N. regulations put a halt to their budding trade

Colin Zwirko February 23, 2021

After months of delays, Kim Jong Un’s premier hospital could soon open up

A workers’ base camp was recently removed from Pyongyang General Hospital-related construction grounds 

Colin Zwirko February 19, 2021

Venezuela contradicts its own president and denies North Korean military deal

Draft U.N. report says that Venezuela denies striking any deal with the DPRK, going against President Maduro’s own words

Colin Zwirko February 18, 2021

North Korean leader’s wife Ri Sol Ju reappears for first time in over a year

Ri attended a concert with Kim Jong Un on former leader Kim Jong Il’s birthday

Colin Zwirko February 16, 2021

New North Korean propaganda blames ‘apathetic’ citizens for its economic issues

North Korea seems to be shifting blame for its economic problems from external threats to internal enemies, expert says

Colin Zwirko February 16, 2021
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