December 05, 2020


Information related to the North Korean culture and culture in North Korea

North Korea passes spate of new laws on foreign culture, tech and telecom

Top officials also agree to hold the next Supreme People’s Assembly session in late Jan. 2021

Colin Zwirko December 4, 2020

North Koreans in the countryside may soon drink up a new domestic beer

A new North Korean beer called Tumangang sheds light on a Rason trade zone factory’s growth

Colin Zwirko December 4, 2020

Photos document North Korean defectors' struggle to forge a new life

A new photo book called "Unperson" explores the lives and memories of North Korean escapees now living in the South

NK News December 2, 2020

North Korea is on a crusade against drugs, crime and 'capitalist culture'

Recent events suggest that North Korea is trying to crack down on markets, foreign influence and "anti-socialist" acts

Peter Ward December 2, 2020

Giant octopus slide? North Korea shows off new, colorful ‘socialist villages’

See the photos: North Korean state TV is airing propaganda about newly-built housing communities and partying residents

Won-Gi Jung December 1, 2020

As the world braces for a COVID-19 winter, North Korea gears up its ski resorts

Satellite imagery shows resorts and even a military ski base being covered with artificial snow

Colin Zwirko November 27, 2020

Luxury, but little sex appeal: How Kim Jong Un is transforming North Korean pop

Music professor Keith Howard’s new book digs into how North Korean songs have changed under various Kims

Luz Ding November 26, 2020

A sign of the times: North Korea adds COVID-19 fighter to stamp depicting heroes

A man in personal protective gear joins workers, farmers and intellectuals in state propaganda artwork

Colin Zwirko November 23, 2020

North Korea building ‘youth theaters’ for political rallies, ping-pong and music

Satellite imagery shows progress to theater construction projects, despite ongoing delays at major hospital and resort 

Colin Zwirko November 19, 2020

The mystery behind a South Korean presidential candidate executed for collusion

He was executed for ties to North Korea and became a political martyr. But new evidence shakes up the story once again.

Fyodor Tertitskiy November 17, 2020
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