July 10, 2020


Information related to the North Korean culture and culture in North Korea

North Korean crowds visit Kim statues nationwide amid grave COVID-19 warnings

All citizens wearing masks, but social distancing absent in visits commemorating founding leader's death

Colin Zwirko July 9, 2020

North Korea imported more Russian horses amid new work on elite equestrian parks

30 horses sent during construction on mansion-complex's new track, harkening back to Kim's 2019 ride up "holy" mountain

North Korean schools close one month into new term, sources say

Earlier reports indicated COVID-19 is to blame for ending an already-delayed school year

Colin Zwirko July 7, 2020

The English-language voice of North Korea - NKNews Podcast Ep.136

Paul White discusses being the narrator at the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun mausoleum and doing business in North Korea

NK News July 7, 2020

North Korean TV resumes domestic COVID-19 coverage following leader's warnings

Footage of sanitizing public facilities, other prevention efforts had mostly disappeared from state media in March

Colin Zwirko July 6, 2020

North Korean media hails 2017 ICBM launch on anniversary

Pyongyang had previously refrained from open praise for the "historic" July 4 Hwasong-14 test

Colin Zwirko July 3, 2020

North Korea in June 2020: a month in review and what’s ahead

An analysis of the main developments between June 1 and June 30

NK Pro July 2, 2020

Some progress on long-stalled Pyongyang housing blocks under new campaign

Construction comes as Kim Jong Un shifts propaganda priority to living standards over tourist resorts

Colin Zwirko July 2, 2020

North Korea marks Kim Jong Un leadership anniversary with low-key fare

National meeting not held for Kim's rise to "Chairman," likely due to wider changes initiated before the COVID-19 crisis

Colin Zwirko June 30, 2020

Activist group launches balloons containing bibles towards North Korea

Despite recent inter-Korean tensions, Voice of Martyrs conducts discrete balloon launch adjacent to inter-Korean border

Chad O'Carroll June 25, 2020
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