May 29, 2024

Ask a North Korean!

As you are asking a question, reading or commenting on this site, please keep the following policies in mind:

QUESTIONS POLICYNK News will only accept questions for our writers through email. Any question asked on other platforms will be ignored.

Once NK News receives your email, we will decide whether or not to pass it on to our North Korean colleagues for a response.

We will try and address questions roughly in the order they are received. However, if a question is particularly time sensitive NK News will try and get it addressed as quickly as possible.  Our writers will be providing one answer per week.

To ask a question, simply send an email to: [email protected]

Please remember the following points when sending in your questions:

1.  We welcome questions about daily life, culture, or life in South Korea – but please do not ask questions that require our writers to give personal insights which could cause relatives still in North Korea trouble.

2. You are writing an email with a question to a site that publicly gives answers. If you include any personal information in the question, please expect this to be published should your question be chosen.

3. Please check your spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

4. Search the site before asking.

5. Think about your question before sending it. Your answer will only be as good as your question.

8. Please give your first name for citation in the question, should we choose it for publication.


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