October 21, 2019


Opinion on the latest North Korea issues from analysts, academics and experts worldwide. Views expressed in Opinion articles are exclusively the authors’ own.

The U.S. still knows worryingly little about how to deal with North Korea

A naïve President and so-called experts frequently show their lack of historical understanding

Robert E. McCoy October 17, 2019

Why U.S.-South Korea F-35 sales are exacerbating the threat from Pyongyang

Breaking the impasse will require more than just talk — dropping provocative arms deals is a good place to start

Pratik Chougule October 14, 2019

What Trump's withdrawal of troops from northern Syria could mean for Korea

The transactional President has once again sent a chilling message to U.S. allies

Dennis P. Halpin October 13, 2019

What to expect from North Korea's brinksmanship diplomacy going forward

The disastrous Hanoi summit likely pushed the DPRK into taking a more hardline position

Wang Son-taek October 9, 2019

In the wake of failed talks with North Korea, it's time to change tack

Moving away from pie in the sky hopes of CVID may be the only way to secure an effective deal

Dan DePetris October 9, 2019

Why, in talks with the U.S., North Korea can now afford to play hardball

With China back onside and Trump facing a domestic crisis, Pyongyang is in no great rush

Andrei Lankov October 8, 2019

Why there's more to the inner-workings of North Korea than just Kim Jong Un

A new report shows how we need more focus on DPRK institutions and the people who comprise them

Adam Cathcart September 26, 2019

Why, with John Bolton gone, U.S. diplomacy can move more freely — and recklessly

The hawkish advisor had long limited President Trump's more adventurous approach to North Korea

Andrei Lankov September 25, 2019

If diplomacy with North Korea fails, could South Korea go nuclear?

Contrary to some American claims, a regional arms build-up appears unlikely

Andrei Lankov September 23, 2019

One year since the Pyongyang Declaration: how inter-Korean relations went sour

President Moon must take stock of where things went wrong and work to restore trust with Kim Jong Un

Wang Son-taek September 18, 2019
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