December 05, 2020


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North and South Korea will never, ever reconcile. We should adjust expectations.

The actual goal is to establish, within the Korean Peninsula, a sensible and mild variety of the Cold War regime. 

Andrei Lankov December 4, 2020

With Biden in office, South Korea shouldn't be the US and North Korea's mediator

Seductive to some, the idea of South Korea as a go-between is deeply flawed

Aidan Foster-Carter November 30, 2020

Kim Jong Un's money manipulation is bad news — and there’s likely more to come

The North Korean government is rolling back old decisions at the detriment of the economy

Andrei Lankov November 26, 2020

To succeed on North Korea, Joe Biden needs to rethink his contradictory policies

The President-elect will likely be tougher on the DPRK, but may also support South Korean dreams of engagement

Rob York November 24, 2020

Unlike Trump, Biden will appoint an envoy for North Korean human rights

Trump never appointed an envoy, but Biden likely will. The question is when he’ll do it, given all the distractions.

Robert R. King November 13, 2020

Why part of me will miss Trump's ignorant and eccentric approach to North Korea

Trump's North Korea deal was unrealistic, but at least it had a chance. Biden's North Korea policy will play it safe.

Andrei Lankov November 10, 2020

Kim Jong Un should be watching the Belarus uprising very closely

Belarusians are protesting against dictator Alexander Lukashenko, and it's unclear how Russia will intervene

Andrei Lankov August 20, 2020

Conspiracy or reality?: How Seoul possibly handled the blown-up liaison office

North Korea may have been appeased by quiet, backdoor deals made by South Korean officials, professor Andrei Lankov says

Andrei Lankov August 19, 2020

Kim’s construction project woes reflect his poor economic planning

The Supreme Leader is now scapegoating others for failing to meet his latest hospital project's unrealistic deadlines

Aidan Foster-Carter July 24, 2020

Brace yourselves: another season of summitry could be around the corner

Recent shifts in both South Korea and the U.S. suggest the political will for another high-level meeting with the North

Andrei Lankov July 13, 2020
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