January 28, 2020


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Why South Korean tourists might not want to follow Moon up Mount Kumgang

Economic and safety concerns could deter visitors, even if the President manages to strike a deal with the North

Jumin Lee January 22, 2020

How more great power diplomacy could solve the North Korean nuclear problem

A U.S.-China pact to protect their respective client states would put both North and South Korea under nuclear umbrellas

Robert E. McCoy January 21, 2020

'Fire and fury' in the Middle East: how the Iran crisis could impact North Korea

The drone strike that killed Iranian general Qassem Soleimani on January 3 has likely shaken up Pyongyang's leadership

Dennis P. Halpin January 17, 2020

Why birthday card diplomacy can't revive failing U.S.-North Korea talks

Good relations between Kim and Trump can't conceal how broken the diplomatic process has become

Dan DePetris January 15, 2020

As the new year dawns, the leaders of the two Koreas are worlds apart

Moon Jae-in remains tied to a failed policy as Kim Jong Un reverts to the hardline style of the past

Wang Son-taek January 13, 2020

Why sanctions won't turn North Koreans against Kim Jong Un any time soon

The country’s elite have too much to lose, and the common people are too repressed, for an uprising to be feasible

Andrei Lankov January 9, 2020

Why President Trump should trade U.S. troops in Korea for denuclearization

Bringing American soldiers home could help Kim Jong Un feel more secure and help fulfill a long-standing goal of Trump's

Doug Bandow January 6, 2020

What the U.S. killing of Iran's top general means for North Korea

The death of Qassem Soleimani has likely shocked many in Pyongyang — and highlighted Trump's dangerous unpredictability

Andrei Lankov January 5, 2020

An honest new year statement from North Korea: denuclearization isn't happening

Pyongyang wants to negotiate arms control and non-proliferation, but not the full surrender of their nuclear weapons

Andrei Lankov January 1, 2020

The rising toll of Trump's "maximum pressure" campaign on North Korea

The current sanctions regime is critically hindering humanitarian efforts to help those in need

Henri Feron December 30, 2019
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