April 09, 2020


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"Dire situation": How COVID-19 is impacting the North Korea travel industry

With tourism to North Korea frozen after a record-breaking year, some believe visits won't be possible until 2021

Chad O'Carroll April 7, 2020

Why, for many North Korean defectors in the South, life is getting better

Refugees are optimistic and earning more money, according to recent statistics, despite their difficult circumstances

Andrei Lankov April 1, 2020

In her own write: Kim Yo Jong makes her mark

Kim Jong Un’s sister is now issuing her own commentaries in DPRK media. Is she being groomed as a potential successor?

Aidan Foster-Carter March 31, 2020

Why Kim Jong Un likely won't be appointing any new Vice-Marshals any time soon

The North Korean leader has not promoted anyone to the rank since Ri Myong Su in 2016

Fyodor Tertitskiy March 27, 2020

What Choe Son Hui's three-month absence could mean for North Korean policy

A potential reshuffle in the DPRK foreign ministry speaks to shifting sands among Pyongyang's leadership

Wang Son-taek March 26, 2020

How plans to send masks to North Korea sparked a political spat in the South

Ahead of next month's elections, liberals in South Korea are increasingly desperate to revive cooperation with Pyongyang

Jumin Lee March 23, 2020

Why North Korea's healthcare sector is better equipped than many believe

The DPRK is able to strictly enforce quarantine measures and has a large number of doctors in the population

Andrei Lankov March 19, 2020

"Fait accompli" to live with sanctions, North Korea embassy in UK says

Embassy issues statement responding to two interviews with European officials about DPRK affairs

NK News March 15, 2020

In fight against COVID-19, North Korea gambles its long-term economic stability

Pyongyang's draconian response to the coronavirus outbreak stands to do much more damage than the virus ever could

Andrei Lankov March 13, 2020

How landmine removal on the Korean peninsula could help build much-needed trust

The DMZ and surrounding areas are covered with nearly a million landmines — getting rid of them must be a priority

Jessica Lee March 11, 2020
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