March 04, 2021


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North Korea’s increasing reliance on China is a dangerous move for Kim Jong Un

Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il skilfully balanced themselves between rival powers, but Kim Jong Un now leans on just one

Aidan Foster-Carter March 1, 2021

Kim Jong Un won’t change until he has the power to nuke any American city

Contrary to what diplomats say, denuclearizing North Korea remains impossible

Andrei Lankov February 22, 2021

Americans, stop the moral grandstanding on North Korea and get down to business

Rather than pointing fingers, hawks and doves will need to address their own faults in order to make progress in 2021

Rob York February 9, 2021

Biden must ditch the failed denuclearization-or-nothing attitude on North Korea

The U.S. president should aim to deter North Korean aggression, seek peace and finally normalize relations with the DPRK

Daniel L. Davis February 4, 2021

With Trump gone, Kim Jong Un will realize that he bet on the wrong horse

The North Korean leader spent a lot of time wooing a U.S. president that’s about to be replaced by hardliner Joe Biden

Dennis P. Halpin January 20, 2021

It’s not about nukes. The real news is North Korea’s dangerous economic reforms.

North Korea pursued economic reform for the last 10 years, but decisions at the Party Congress will undo that progress

Andrei Lankov January 15, 2021

Kim Jong Un’s grave-robbing promotion is his biggest mistake yet

The North Korean leader is committing ideological heresy by taking Kim Jong Il’s general secretary position

Fyodor Tertitskiy January 12, 2021

Kim Jong Un’s nixed New Years speech shows just how stressed he really is

After an isolated year mired by economic hardship, the North Korean leader couldn’t be bothered with ceremonious remarks

Andrei Lankov January 1, 2021

Why Kim Jong Un couldn’t be bothered with more ‘on-the-spot’ guidances in 2020

It may be a North Korean tradition, but the young ruler is making his own leadership traditions this year

Tatiana Gabroussenko December 25, 2020

Leaflets are psychological warfare. South Korea was right to ban them.

Citizens can still loudly criticize North Korea, but it’s up to the government to make diplomacy work

Wang Son-taek December 24, 2020
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