September 21, 2020

Military affairs

Information related to military issues in North and South Korea

North Koreans are drying corn — and you can literally see it from outer space

Satellite images show this year’s grain drying season, which is especially important after recent typhoons and floods

Colin Zwirko September 21, 2020

North Korea warns Seoul of a ‘miserable demise’ after US-ROK defense talks

North Korean state media condemned the U.S. and South Korea for mentioning a hypothetical preemptive strike scenario

Jeongmin Kim September 21, 2020

North Korea mysteriously airs and then deletes rare footage of an old SLBM test

The footage is not related to Pyongyang’s newest SLBM developments, but its prompt cover-up raises questions

Colin Zwirko September 16, 2020

After a spike in tensions, Seoul says North Korea cooperates ‘in its own way’

Unification minister’s contentious remarks come as North and South reach two-years since a key military agreement

Jeongmin Kim September 16, 2020

North Korea may parade more than a dozen new heavy missile launchers on Oct. 10

Satellite imagery shows that the DPRK is gearing up storage units — possibly to show off massive, high-tech equipment

Chad O'Carroll September 15, 2020

October surprise? What to expect from North Korea ahead of the 2020 US election

Precedent suggests that Pyongyang is likely to take wait-and-see posture and act later

Chad O'Carroll September 15, 2020

No sign of military threat ahead of major North Korean holiday, Seoul says

South Korea also shut down Kim Jong Un’s alleged claims that its military is “no match” for his

Jeongmin Kim September 15, 2020

How South Korea's entry into the Indo Pacific initiative will impact North Korea

The initiative will help Seoul deal with Pyongyang, no matter what — and it could help keep Chinese influence at bay

Jonathan R. Corrado September 14, 2020

US reviewed plans to use nuclear weapons on North Korea, strike leadership

Amid growing tensions in 2017, U.S. brushed up on plans to attack North Korea using nuclear weapons

Chad O'Carroll September 14, 2020

Kim Jong Un: 'Hypersensitive' US military actions contributed to failed talks

Momentum to restore leader-to-leader rapport was set back after June 2019 Panmunjeom meeting, Kim suggests

Chad O'Carroll September 11, 2020
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