November 21, 2019

Military affairs

Information related to military issues in North and South Korea

U.S. outreach to North Korea over war remains "met with silence": DPAA chief

Agency in charge of recovering POW remains still "open" to sitting down with DPRK in 2020

Jacob Fromer November 19, 2019

In on-the-spot visit, Kim Jong Un slams military officials for mismanagement

Tour of August 25 Fishery Station sees DPRK leader criticize defense ministry, KPA for delays in construction work

Kim Jong Un's personal jet makes first appearance since Singapore summit

Unclear if DPRK leader flew on aircraft or whether it landed at Wonsan's Kalma airport

Chad O'Carroll November 17, 2019

Kim Jong Un guides second round of training exercises by North Korean air force

DPRK leader hails "brave" sharpshooters of the Korean People's Army, urges them to become an "invincible" force

Oliver Hotham November 17, 2019

South Korea, U.S. to postpone planned air combat military drills

Move intended to facilitate diplomacy with North Korea, U.S. Secretary of Defense says, denies it's a "concession"

Oliver Hotham November 17, 2019

Kim Jong Un attends flight contest by North Korea's "invincible" air force: KCNA

"Combat Flight Contest-2019" comes amid growing DPRK complaints over upcoming ROK-U.S. air drills

Oliver Hotham November 15, 2019

South Korea, U.S. must "remain flexible" on joint military drills: Esper

Planned exercises could be adjusted to support diplomacy with North Korea, U.S. defense chief suggests

Dagyum Ji November 15, 2019

North Korea warns of "shocking punishment" over upcoming drills: top official

Kim Yong Chol says he wants to believe U.S. defense chief Esper will follow through and cancel military drills with ROK

Jacob Fromer November 14, 2019

North Korea slams U.S. "betrayal" over joint drills, warns time running out

State Affairs Commission spokesman warns that "countermeasures" to joint exercises could soon be taken

Jacob Fromer November 13, 2019

North Korea ready to take "new path," step up weapons development: Choson Sinbo

Pro-Pyongyang outlet urges Washington to make a "wise choice," says new systems can strike U.S. bases in South

Dagyum Ji November 13, 2019
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