February 18, 2020


Information related to sanctions developments


Expanding Japan-linked mall, online shop in Pyongyang targets "modern tastes"

A closer look at the Rim Mi Yong Aeguk Joint Venture Company and their flagship store in North Korea's capital

Colin Zwirko February 18, 2020

DPRK media denounces Seoul for seeking U.S. "approval" on inter-Korean projects

DPRK Today article appears to be first North Korean reaction to Seoul's "independent tourism" idea

Jeongmin Kim February 17, 2020

Cambodia says it closed North Korean-owned businesses, deported all workers

Phnom Penh’s first UN sanctions implementation report details broad crackdown on DPRK-linked operations in the country

Colin Zwirko February 13, 2020

China rejects leaked UN report details of sanctions breaches to help North Korea

2020 Panel of Experts report details DPRK coal exports to Chinese ports and via ship-to-ship transfers

Colin Zwirko February 11, 2020

Former South Korean officials say Kaesong should reopen despite U.S. opposition

Moon administration is criticized for "being too conscious of the U.S." regarding resumption of the inter-Korean complex

Jeongmin Kim February 11, 2020

Twenty years after the DPRK-Russia friendship treaty, what's been achieved?

Attempts to further cooperation, following an early post-Cold War downturn in relations, have been plagued by sanctions

Anthony V. Rinna February 11, 2020

New N. Korean stamps push propaganda line to "break through" sanctions hardships

Five new stamps follow Kim Jong Un’s new year plenum speech, focus on countering sanctions and other top 2020 policies

Colin Zwirko February 11, 2020

Sanctioned North Korean tanker caught in ship-to-ship transfer near China: Japan

Chon Ma San began broadcasting location in October, showing at least four trips and lengthy loitering in Korea Strait

Colin Zwirko February 10, 2020

U.S.-ROK working group meeting held in Seoul to discuss North Korea

Inter-Korean issues likely discussed, while MOU insists "independent tourism" not a matter of U.S.-ROK consultation

Jeongmin Kim February 10, 2020

Despite challenges, UN Panel of Experts on North Korea submits draft report

Panel members make eleventh-hour progress to deliver draft to 1718 Committee

Chad O'Carroll | Jacob Fromer February 8, 2020
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