January 25, 2021

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Chad O’Carroll

Chad O’Carroll has written on North Korea since 2010 and writes between London and Seoul.

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North Korea bans foreign children in restaurants and shops to combat COVID-19

The new rule is the latest in a long series of pandemic prevention measures, despite Pyongyang claiming to be virus-free

Chad O'Carroll January 22, 2021

North Korea says it’s ‘gravely concerned’ about Australian human rights abuses

North Korea, a country widely criticized for human rights abuses, is on a campaign to call out other countries

Chad O'Carroll January 22, 2021

North Korean parade likely kicks off in Pyongyang, formation aircraft spotted

Military aircraft spotted releasing fireworks in formation above Pyongyang city

Chad O'Carroll January 14, 2021

Armored vehicles and troops spotted going towards Pyongyang’s Kim Il Sung Square

Kim Il Sung Square is also lit up on a scale similar to the Oct. 10, 2020 military parade, a source tells NK News

Chad O'Carroll January 10, 2021

Once lush with products, North Korean supermarkets are now barren and deceptive

Photos obtained by NK News show scarce food items and products that don’t look anything like what’s advertised

Chad O'Carroll January 5, 2021

Pompeo touts success on North Korea, but a senior Russian official is skeptical

Pompeo publishes a 13-tweet thread promoting his personal role in Washington's North Korea policy

Chad O'Carroll January 3, 2021

Compared to 2016, North Korea quiet ahead of upcoming Party Congress

Run-up to 2016 Party Congress saw a flurry of missile tests, provincial votes, foreign delegations and more

Chad O'Carroll December 24, 2020

North Korea reveals controversial plans to redevelop Kumgang tourist area

Kim Jong Un called for the removal and replacement of South Korean facilities at the Kumgang tourist area in Oct. 2019

Chad O'Carroll December 19, 2020

Don’t expect borders to reopen until COVID-19 ends, DPRK foreign ministry says

North Korea tells remaining foreign missions they should leave soon, as no relief for staff rotations is planned

Chad O'Carroll December 18, 2020

North Korea wants an EU embassy, but France and Belgium won’t let that happen

Despite Pyongyang’s wishes, Paris and Brussels are preventing it from cementing diplomatic relations agreed to in 2001

Chad O'Carroll December 16, 2020
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