February 22, 2020

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Chad O’Carroll

Chad O’Carroll has written on North Korea since 2010 and writes between London and Seoul.

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Into the future: where North Korea might be by the year 2040

Trends suggest the DPRK will have a sophisticated and reliable nuclear deterrent by 2040. What will be the consequences?

Chad O'Carroll February 18, 2020

North Korean brand launches multi-pack canned beer box-set, pictures show

Eight pack of beer includes a complimentary beer glass, latest innovation from Kyonghung Foodstuff Factory

Chad O'Carroll February 16, 2020

10.1 million North Koreans need "urgent" food aid despite "bumper harvest": UN

Food assistance estimates for 2020 are same as 2019, despite DPRK claims of improved food supply

Chad O'Carroll February 10, 2020

Despite challenges, UN Panel of Experts on North Korea submits draft report

Panel members make eleventh-hour progress to deliver draft to 1718 Committee

Chad O'Carroll | Jacob Fromer February 8, 2020

Not-for-profit was targeted in U.S. sanctions investigation, sparking NGO fears

"Funds meant for humanitarian support were instead spent on lawyers"

Chad O'Carroll February 5, 2020

North Korea suspends Vladivostok flights, expands virus containment measures

New rules also mean suspension of "events, ceremonial visits, and meetings" during month of February

Chad O'Carroll February 1, 2020

North Korea's KCTV added to fourth satellite broadcasting service

Development could make KCTV easier to watch in South Korea

Chad O'Carroll January 29, 2020

Tourism to North Korea suspended amid China coronavirus concerns: operator

Measures appear similar to extensive restrictions imposed during 2014 Ebola outbreak

Chad O'Carroll | Nils Weisensee January 21, 2020

Ri Son Gwon appointed North Korean foreign minister, diplomatic note confirms

Long-time military hardliner to now serve as DPRK's top diplomat, foreign embassies in Pyongyang told

Chad O'Carroll January 20, 2020

Ri Yong Ho replaced as North Korean foreign minister, sources say

Ri Son Gwon will be replacement, sources say, a shift which could see major changes to foreign policy posture

Chad O'Carroll January 18, 2020
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