February 19, 2020

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Jeongmin Kim

Jeongmin Kim is a correspondent at NK News, based in Seoul. She previously worked for the CSIS Korea Chair and in the Seoul bureau of Reuters news agency. Follow her on Twitter @jeongminnkim

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DPRK mission in Geneva to have one-on-one meeting with WHO regarding COVID-19

North Korea also asked for medical supplies and personal protective equipment, says UNICEF

Jeongmin Kim February 18, 2020

Average monthly income of North Korean defectors hit record high in 2019: MOU

New data reveals continued gap between escapees and the wider South Korean public, however

Jeongmin Kim February 18, 2020

DPRK media denounces Seoul for seeking U.S. "approval" on inter-Korean projects

DPRK Today article appears to be first North Korean reaction to Seoul's "independent tourism" idea

Jeongmin Kim February 17, 2020

North Korea-linked group hacked Thae Yong-ho's smartphone: security expert

The former DPRK diplomat tells NK News that no information of value was on the hacked cellphone, however

Jeongmin Kim | Seon-wook Kim February 17, 2020

What's next? Where North Korea's missile testing goes from here

Experts weigh in on progress made in 2019 — and how Pyongyang's weapons systems will likely evolve in the coming year

Jeongmin Kim February 17, 2020

North Korea may have appointed a new Minister of People's Security, South says

Unification ministry says Kim Jong Ho has replaced Choe Pu Il as one of DPRK's top security officials

Jeongmin Kim February 14, 2020

North Korean media slams South Korean party's recruitment of prominent defector

Article denounces Liberty Korea Party, though does not mention former DPRK diplomat Thae Yong Ho's decision to run

Jeongmin Kim February 13, 2020

North Korea increases coronavirus quarantine period to 30 days

Move part of broader "national emergency" steps intended to fight spread of COVID-19, state media says

Jeongmin Kim February 12, 2020

Mask-clad North Korean Premier visits coronavirus quarantine workers

Visit is the first by high-level DPRK official to quarantine facility

Jeongmin Kim February 11, 2020

Former South Korean officials say Kaesong should reopen despite U.S. opposition

Moon administration is criticized for "being too conscious of the U.S." regarding resumption of the inter-Korean complex

Jeongmin Kim February 11, 2020
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