October 24, 2020


Information related to cyber activities relating to the DPRK

North Korean group accused of phishing attack against Russian defense industry

A Russian researcher attributed more 2020 phishing attempts to a North Korea-linked group called Kimsuky

Min Chao Choy October 20, 2020

'The Perfect Weapon' shows North Korea's rapid rise to infamous cybercrime

HBO’s new documentary shows that cyberwarfare — not nukes — could be North Korea’s more dangerous weapon against the US

Jeenho Hahm October 19, 2020

North Korea's sophisticated cyberattacks signal desperation — not aspiration

Sanctions, natural disasters and COVID-19 are driving North Korea to rely on cyberwarfare for survival in 2020

Jeenho Hahm October 16, 2020

How the US plans to crack down on ransom payments to North Korean hackers

In October, the U.S. issued new guidelines warning tech firms that they can face fines for paying ransoms to the DPRK

Shea Cotton October 7, 2020

South Korea accuses North Korea of hacking attempts against science ministry

South Korea's science ministry attributed seven attacks to the DPRK between January and the end of July

Min Chao Choy October 6, 2020

North Korea's rapidly evolving tech scene — NKNews Podcast Ep.149

Author Jieun Baek and North Korea Tech's Martyn Williams speak with NK News about the state of DPRK technology

NK News October 6, 2020

North Korea likely paid Russian hackers for access to bank networks

Researchers find link between “malware-as-a-service” providers and DPRK cyber thieves with stolen bitcoins to spend

Nils Weisensee September 17, 2020

Why North Korean cyber attacks will get worse -- and US intelligence won’t help

Pyongyang is hurting and uses hackers to ease that pain, but Washington is unlikely to waste its powers on crypto theft

Nils Weisensee September 11, 2020

Why China censored Kim Jong Un coma rumors and staged a lag on false information

Beijing's censorship might be a good faith effort in stopping rumors — or it might be an attempt to cover something up

John Petrushka September 3, 2020

North Korea must return to talks for a ‘brighter future,’ US official says

The US will take “strong actions” to show that missile launch “blackmail” doesn’t work, David Stilwell says

Jeongmin Kim September 3, 2020
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