August 13, 2020


Information related to cyber activities relating to the DPRK


How sanctions failed to stop North Korea from developing dangerous weapons tech

An unpublished U.N. report details several key technological developments made by the DPRK in recent years

Ankit Panda August 7, 2020

North Korea now using untraceable cryptocurrency for sanctions evasion

Cyber groups linked to DPRK hide illicit trade and cash out stolen funds via ‘altcoin’ transfers, Panel of Experts finds

Nils Weisensee August 7, 2020

North Korean hackers spent years targeting specific officials: UN report

Dozens of government accounts received malicious emails this year from cybercrime groups linked to the DPRK

Nils Weisensee August 7, 2020

North Korea is targeting China with increasingly-aggressive propaganda on Weibo

Posts on Weibo's NewDPRK and I Take You to Koryo accounts promote vignettes of Pyongyang life and anti-U.S. sentiment

Luz Ding August 6, 2020

US offers $10 million bounty for info on hackers targeting election systems

Reward issued after North Korea threatens interference in American presidential vote

Nils Weisensee August 6, 2020

North Korea's first suspected COVID-19 case sparks joy and censorship in China

Some Chinese netizens are mocking the DPRK on Weibo, while others are suspiciously contributing pro-North narratives

John Petrushka July 31, 2020

North Korea-linked hackers fake prestigious job listings to target victims

Cybersecurity firm McAfee identifies increasingly sophisticated hacking methods and documents linked to Hidden Cobra

Min Chao Choy July 31, 2020

EU rolls out first-ever cyber sanctions against North Korea-linked hacking

Chosun Expo was the only DPRK-linked entity named in the new sanctions, which also targeted Russian and Chinese groups

Min Chao Choy July 30, 2020

North Korean hackers behind custom ransomware attack targeting wealthy groups

A new report by Kaspersky Labs suggests North Korean hackers are following “big game hunting” hacking trends

Min Chao Choy July 29, 2020

European Union to impose sanctions on North Korean companies due to cyberattacks

EU to impose first-ever cybersanctions on Chinese, Russian and North Korean entities by end of July, say insiders

Min Chao Choy July 22, 2020
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