January 20, 2021


Information related to cyber activities relating to the DPRK

US sets up new cybersecurity bureau to combat threat from North Korea and others

State Department says North Korean, Chinese, Russian and Iranian cyber threat has increased since 2019

David Volodzko January 8, 2021

North Korean hacking group weaponized MS Word document in spear phishing attack

APT37 deployed malicious macros in a move that goes beyond a popular South Korean office suite, new report says

Min Chao Choy January 7, 2021

DPRK-linked hackers continue cyber assault on vaccine researchers

Lazarus Group uses range of malware against pharma industry and governments, but expert warns strategies may shift

Nils Weisensee December 24, 2020

North Korean AI tech is improving and the potential for weapons is ‘monstrous’

Artificial intelligence has the potential to augment North Korea’s cyber and even nuclear weapons capabilities

Kangkyu Lee December 24, 2020

Hackers use fake media domains to trick North Korea researchers

Attackers impersonate reporters at Voice Of America to lure DPRK experts with legal documents out of Pyongyang

Nils Weisensee December 17, 2020

North Korean hackers steal corporate files in attacks against European firms

Lazarus Group reportedly used Tor network to hide tracks after highly persistent social engineering campaign

Nils Weisensee December 16, 2020

After major Russian spy hacks, US says North Korea is an even stronger threat

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said North Korea is more prolific than Russia about trying to get into American servers

David Volodzko December 14, 2020

North Korea enters ‘age of smartphones’ with hit games on taekwondo, badminton

North Korean mobile app games are becoming more original and more diverse, new Japanese report says

Won-Gi Jung December 11, 2020

North Korean defector-politician hit with two mysterious hacking attempts

National Assembly lawmaker Ji Seong-ho’s office has received at least two phishing emails in the last month

Min Chao Choy December 8, 2020

The Lazarus hack that wasn’t: Why it’s hard to catch North Korean cyber crooks

Why linking cyber attacks to hacking groups and nation states is risky and often goes wrong

Min Chao Choy December 7, 2020
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