December 05, 2020


Latest North Korea news from NK News correspondents

Human Rights Watch decries bill that could jail North Korea activists

The South Korean bill could fine leafleting activists up to $27,200 or jail them for up to three years

Kelly Kasulis December 4, 2020

North Korea passes spate of new laws on foreign culture, tech and telecom

Top officials also agree to hold the next Supreme People’s Assembly session in late Jan. 2021

Colin Zwirko December 4, 2020

North Korea watchers can now search sanctions with ‘one stop shop’ platform

C4ADS’ newly revamped Sanctions Explorer offers searchable database of entities and sanctions updates over time

Min Chao Choy December 4, 2020

North Koreans in the countryside may soon drink up a new domestic beer

A new North Korean beer called Tumangang sheds light on a Rason trade zone factory’s growth

Colin Zwirko December 4, 2020

Will Trump make a last-ditch effort on North Korea before leaving office?

With two months left in the White House, Trump could still take some last steps on North Korea — for better or for worse

David Volodzko December 3, 2020

UN drops North Korea from key aid report after dwindled access to the country

The report names countries that desperately need aid in 2021, amid the “deepest global recession since the 1930s”

Won-Gi Jung December 3, 2020

Diplomats and aid workers exit North Korea, only two UN staff members remaining

The latest departure suggests that foreign humanitarian workers only have a skeletal presence in North Korea right now

Chad O'Carroll December 2, 2020

Seoul ‘anti-leaflet’ bill moves forward with heavy fines and years in prison

Lawmakers clash as bill passes first step on Wednesday, with dissenters calling it “evil” and “excessive”

Won-Gi Jung December 2, 2020

US official accuses China of ignoring and undermining North Korea sanctions

Senior State Dept. official Alex Wong says that Beijing is more interested in growing economic ties with Pyongyang

David Volodzko December 1, 2020

North Korea shows off latest space and satellite tech at national event

The event is yet another sign that North Korea is back to promoting its space program after unusual silence in 2018

Colin Zwirko December 1, 2020
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