March 04, 2021


Latest North Korea news from NK News correspondents

US ballistic missile test sends a hostile message to North Korea, experts say

Pyongyang will use the “Minuteman III” ICBM test launch to justify its own weapons tests, experts say

Jeongmin Kim February 25, 2021

North Korea must ‘show some good faith’ for sanctions to be lifted: US official

After the Hanoi Summit ended in a no-deal two years ago, a US representative calls on Biden to be ‘more strategic’

Kelly Kasulis February 24, 2021

US wants to rejoin UN human rights group and investigate North Korea

Secretary of State Antony Blinken called for “investigations into abuses in Syria and North Korea”

Kelly Kasulis February 24, 2021

Kim Jong Un demands ‘moral discipline’ of military officials, oversees reshuffle

First Central Military Commission meeting of the year held, two military commanders replaced

Jeongmin Kim February 24, 2021

North Korea’s COVID-19 data has disappeared, but that’s just part of the problem

The DPRK is becoming increasingly mysterious as defectors and in-country foreigners plummet

Won-Gi Jung February 24, 2021

Ex-US marine recounts the day he ‘staged’ a North Korean Embassy raid in 2019

New court documents reveal the testimony of Christopher Ahn, who faces possible extradition to Spain

Colin Zwirko February 24, 2021

More than half of North Korea is hungry, and a UN food program may soon drop out

The U.N. World Food Program warns that COVID-19-related restrictions may soon put a stop to its North Korea operations

Jeongmin Kim February 24, 2021

North Korea is a bigger missile threat than Russia, China or Iran: US official

Top US official warns that there’s a “real possibility” North Korea would actually launch a missile toward Americans

Jeongmin Kim February 24, 2021

South Korea pushes for talks two years after Trump walked out on Kim Jong Un

Top South Korean official urged North Korea to return to nuclear negotiations and asked for international support at UN

Kelly Kasulis February 23, 2021

Delegations traveling to and from North Korea flatlined in 2020, new tool shows

A new NK Pro research tool tracked more than 7,500 groups that traveled to or from North Korea starting in 1997

Chad O'Carroll February 23, 2021