September 25, 2020

Human Security / Human Rights

Information related to human security / human rights in North Korea

Doctors Without Borders spends $1.4 million on TB hospitals, aid in North Korea

NGO details its spending for the first time since it returned to the country in 2019

Min Chao Choy September 24, 2020

Kim Yo Jong, gender roles and office life: What it’s like ‘Being in North Korea’

Author Andray Abrahamian sheds light on everyday North Korean life after visiting the country on and off for years

NK News September 23, 2020

North Koreans are drying corn — and you can literally see it from outer space

Satellite images show this year’s grain drying season, which is especially important after recent typhoons and floods

Colin Zwirko September 21, 2020

What North Korea can do right now to stave off a full-blown economic crisis

Kim Jong Un is dealing with natural disasters, sanctions and COVID-19 — but there are some solutions to consider

Peter Ward September 18, 2020

North Koreans cry tears of joy over their new ‘socialist fairyland’ homes

After destructive floods, state media ran propaganda photos of citizens getting housing papers and vowing to grow crops

Jeongmin Kim September 18, 2020

North Korea may need to import more grains to survive COVID-19 and 2020 storms

Cereal crop production looks favorable for much of the world, but North Korea may still suffer from terrible shortages

Kelly Kasulis September 18, 2020

South Korean governor pushes for joint healthcare center in North Korea

Gyeonggi Province Gov. Lee Jae-myung pitched the idea once again — this time with two potential locations in mind

Jeongmin Kim September 17, 2020

Kim Jong Un praises old flood recovery project as success of newer campaign

Satellite imagery shows village reconstruction started in June, as state media on Tuesday presented it as more recent

Colin Zwirko September 14, 2020

North Korea slaps typhoon relief work with more COVID-19 restrictions

North Korea orders workers sent to storm-struck Hamgyong to get medical checkups and to avoid “unnecessary” movement

Jeongmin Kim September 14, 2020

US to loosen restrictions for humanitarian workers traveling to North Korea

A new, proposed amendment will allow American humanitarian workers multiple-entry special validation passports

Chad O'Carroll September 14, 2020
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