November 21, 2019

Human Security / Human Rights

Information related to human security / human rights in North Korea

Window "still open" for a deal with North Korea, Biegun tells U.S. Senators

Top envoy to DPRK says his promotion to Deputy Secretary of State will bring "higher stature" to the issue

Jacob Fromer November 20, 2019

Party like it’s 1998: how South Korean tourism to Mount Kumgang got started

The story of how South Korea's leading dissident and a chaebol tycoon launched the historic inter-Korean project

Aidan Foster-Carter November 17, 2019

Stop sharing sensitive photos on social media, North Korea warns diplomats

Foreign envoys sharing imagery with "impure intentions" DPRK foreign ministry complains

Oliver Hotham November 14, 2019

Ask a North Korean: do forced abortions really take place in the DPRK?

"Koreans are not supposed to bear the children of foreigners, and this rule is strictly enforced"

In-hua Kim November 13, 2019

The UN COI report on North Korea, five years later - NKNews Podcast Ep.102

Michael Kirby discusses what has and hasn't changed in DPRK human rights since the landmark document in 2014

NK News November 12, 2019

Why, in repatriating two North Koreans, South Korea may have broken its own laws

"It is highly likely that this case has breached the Constitution and relevant laws to a serious extent"

Yeosang Yoon November 11, 2019

Suspected sanctions-busting cargo ship sank in October, North Korean media says

Chief Engineer of the Jang Jin Gang lauded as hero for prioritizing rescue of Kim portraits as ship sank

Colin Zwirko November 11, 2019

Divided Congress can have bipartisan "unity" on North Korea, congresswoman says

Leader of Asian Pacific American caucus tells NK News that diplomacy with DPRK is good, but not if it’s “just for show”

Jacob Fromer November 8, 2019

Why humanitarian agencies face difficulties in responding to needs in the DPRK

More than anything else, North Korea must implement "radical solutions" to solve its long-term food insecurity problem

Nazanin Zadeh-Cummings November 8, 2019

Danish NGO granted UN exemption to send agricultural machinery to North Korea

Mission East opened first resident office in Pyongyang earlier this year

Colin Zwirko November 7, 2019
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