October 23, 2020

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Peter Ward

Peter Ward is a writer and researcher focusing on the North Korean economy, as well as a PhD candidate at the University of Vienna.

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No, you’re the puppet: why North Korea isn’t a Chinese satellite

The ruling Kim family has kept their Beijing benefactors close, but far enough as not to invite unwanted interference

Andrei Lankov | Peter Ward May 14, 2020

Why Kim Jong Un likely won't be naming a successor anytime soon

Despite his manifest health issues, the North Korean leader likely knows that doing so could provoke a power struggle

Andrei Lankov | Peter Ward May 10, 2020

Trust, but verify: what the media got right about Kim Jong Un's health

Criticism of recent coverage fails to appreciate the day-to-day realities of reporting on North Korea

Peter Ward May 7, 2020

The seventh congress: a Workers' Party meeting delayed for over three decades

The event, originally planned for 1986, was pushed back, then shelved, and then finally revived and held in 2016

Peter Ward October 23, 2019

New book confirms radical changes to North Korean foreign exchange rate system

Recently-released publication offers a rare window into the world of the DPRK monetary policy

Peter Ward October 22, 2019

When North Korea experimented, unsuccessfully, with old-school Keynesianism

Facing crises, the DPRK attempted a crude imitation of the early 20th century economist's ideas

Peter Ward October 17, 2018

Masters of the farm: North Korea's new agricultural entrepreneurs

The "Field Responsibility System" gives bosses much greater incentives to innovate

Peter Ward October 8, 2018

Could North Korea really join the International Monetary Fund?

The benefits are clear, but meeting the requirements would be too risky for Pyongyang

Peter Ward September 27, 2018

How N. Korean literature offers hints at major agricultural reforms taking place

Subtle mentions of reforms in past years point to emphasis on science-based system

Peter Ward September 3, 2018

What McDonald's can teach us about the North Korean economy

There are some unlikely parallels between the Golden Arches and the DPRK's nascent private sector

Peter Ward August 19, 2018
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